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Monday, October 24, 2016

Blogging..An Extension of Myself

Monday's Musings #239 | What Joy Is Mine

This week on Monday's Musings  Naomi is asking  us to share about how we get into blogging... I retired from teaching in 2003  after 30 years of working with 8 and 9 year olds.. One of my  favorite   studies with them  was  teaching them the elements of writing... As they composed, I would write,  as well, to demonstrate the lesson... and the  kids  learned so quickly and  applied the  objectives and really  enjoyed  their  journalling  so much more  as they displayed purpose in the creative process.  
Image result for elements of writing
My students asked me, "    Teacher, we know you love to write,  how are you going to  continue  your  pleasure  after you quit teaching us?"  That was  a very  life changing question for me...  because  self expression had always  been   a habit.. I am a a rather solitary soul... being an only child and  at that time an empty -nester,   I felt I did wish to document   my days.. I  immediately bought a new journal.. I love  breaking in those stiff , new bindings .   Now that I had all the time in the world, I started keeping a spiritual journal to document my  quiet time and write praise and prayers  to the Lord...and I still keep  journals.   but then in 2008  I got  my first digital camera... and  began the quest to  go online..  I  started  participating in writing  contests  which were  quite enjoyable...   but  wasn't  the fit I was  seeking..  Then I found 
Blogger....  I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up  my own blog...  
Ever since blogging has become an extension of my true self.. it has opened my own eyes into the uncharted regions of my innermost self as I have searched out the hidden  dreams and intent of my heart... Foremost, it has deepened my need to express praise and honor to the the Most High God!  I have learned more about denying my will and  knowing and doing the Will of the One who created all things, through blogging.  It is through the times of contemplation, the times of choosing what and even when to post...  what to write and not to write... allowing the Spirit to lead me in every aspect of blogging.. for it is my uttermost desire to glorify God and His precious Son, Jesus Christ through everything I do and say here.
Now you have opened the door, take a peep inside ...... follow your dreams, who knows who you will meet on this journey....Cindy:
 Secondly, it is an open portal to the world... at least those things of the world that interest me the most.  Blogging has given me opportunities to learn so much.... as I have researched places, people, and topics of interest  to post about and learn about.    But one of the greatest things about blogging is the opportunity it has given me to meet new friends from all over the country and the world.  To visit other blogs   and build connections with differing views, and interests, learn more about crafting, redecorating, arts, history,   so many things that new friends share on their blogs. 

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am posting on HHM with The Diary of the Stay at Home Mom.

On the weather front:::

We are experiencing a clear 64 degree day... As I peer out the window I am seeing russet, but there is still a lot of green, as well!!

On my bedside table:::
Jesus Calling, devotional
lotion, phone
my Entrusted Bible Study notebook by Beth Moore... This week we are going the last of the 6 week study... these weeks have flown by!!!

On my TV:::
Last night was one of the saddest episodes of Poldark... such a moving drama on BBC, PBS...and now things are really going to heat up.... 
Thinking and pondering::::
I am so thankful that I was able to order an important Christmas gift for our daughter and they had it in stock... last week it was back ordered.. so we tweaked the size and I am now praying that will be ok. Goodness, one needs to be on top of online ordering....

Listening to::::
If you've read my posts you probably know how much I Love Pandora and Celtic music...
Right now playing is "Of This Land" by Clannad 

Favorite Youtube Video last week:::

This video displays some awesome shots of Ireland... like the Gap of Dunloe!! The road scene is part of the route we took around the Ring of Kerry .. the desolate islands are off the coast of Dingle!! 

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - pork chops, mashed potatoes, peas
Tuesday - Orange Roughy and slaw
Wednesday- dinner out
Friday- not sure

On my To Do List:::

Time to take the fall decor off the dining table and transform it into my sewing room...!!!!

Lead final small group at Bible Study

Choir practise for Christmas program

meet Prayer Gals to finalize plans for the pre-election prayer event

Create the prayer point handout and get it printed

Looking forward to:::

Last time I bemoaned the fact that we were detained from taking our beach trip so hubs sweetly is making it up to me by finally purchasing something Ive been asking for for a long time..

What I plan on doing for myself this week:::

Well, I didn't get this done last time so perhaps this week.. even though this is a very full week... 
I really need to switch seasonal wardrobes... not exactly fun, but will make my life so much easier!

Favorite photo:::

These photos were taken Saturday during our ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway... Even at higher elevations you still see a lot of green this late in October!

Lesson learned the past few days:::

Trusting that God has a marvelous plan for us during this crucial time in our nation's history... I am resting in His outcome... even as I vote my conscious.. and I am praying mightily! He does tell us in his Word
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phil 4:6

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:::
Image result for Phil 4:6

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday Hodge Podge

I get excited when it's time for

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1. What would you say is your strongest sense? I would definitely say the sense of smell.. I have a very sensitive nose for someone who has really bad seasonal allergies... For example, we have a neighbor, mind you, who lives down the street and around the corner who has a swimming pool in his back yard. To heat it , he has rigged something up connected to his barbecue pit... and he burns the foulest wood and sometimes yard clippings .. now that smoke rises and wind blows it right over to our house where it descends and infiltrates our atmosphere.. He fired it up this morning because today is probably our last really warm day.. Suddenly our bedroom was filled with putrid smoke at about 5 a.m. and, of course, we had to close our windows and now turn on the a/c... This is a bane of life to me... but, alas, there is nothing that we can do about it... oh, we've called everyone... it is our of our control...one of several reasons we are thinking of moving!

2. Do you believe in the idea of a 'sixth sense'? Why or why not?
If you  are speaking if intuition  then yes,   I am very intuitive,,,  it has actually saved our bacon a few times...  ie, the 2008  economic crisis..but  I  cannot  really divide where it may be  intuition or just  God's blessing on me.. through his Spirit.  I  do know it is  because of His deep love for me for when it kicks in, it is  a  huge blessing...here is an example.. I inherited my mom's apple dishes  which I love  but four of the cups and saucers were missing.  I really  wished  to  replace them because  we always used these dishes for Thanksgiving and what is  pumpkin pie without coffee. One day I was driving  home from the grocery store and  something told me , "Stop in at the consignment shop" I mean it was a very strong impulse even though I had  perishables in the car I thought well , maybe, if I spin through quickly. I  strolled  down the aisle toward the  dining implements.. my favorite  area of any consignment ... I usually have my eye  pealed for transfer ware... and  there  they were 4  brand spanking new looking  Apple   coffee cups and saucers..  for  8 dollars.. 

 Abba Father is  awesome and so loving!  TO Him be the glory!

3. When do you most feel like a slave to time? Explain.

During these seasons of Bible study.... when I am small group leader.. because I really dedicate myself to doing the best job I can, and I do believe that in that the Holy Spirit brings things to me that connect dots of understanding that are so wonderful... last week it was a Ravi Zacharias video I happened to watch... and as I was flipping through the channels of tv one afternoon it was Robert Morris's teaching on sin... the differences between transgression and iniquity.. I gather all my resources,commentaries, Bible concordances, and dictionaries, and my Greek lexicon Bible because I never know what fascinating item will pop out on the page.. I love this in depth study, but it does take time..

4. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? How would you rate the experience? If you could own a restaurant what kind would it be? NO, I know I could never handle those horribly laden trays.. I would have law suit after law suit heaped upon my head. By the same token, I would have no interest in owning a restaurant... all the investment of money, time, sweat equity, and probably blood and tears, is not for me.. When I love to dine out it is always Chinese...and Id never attempt to try to run a Chinese restaurant!
Image result for chinese restaurant
5. Ever traced your family tree? Share something interesting you learned there.

I love genealogy...  and  I am fortunate  to  have access to many sources..  On my  dad's side  a relative had traced our line back to  Braunschweig, Germany...  

Image result for braunschweig germany
I had  5  great  great grand fathers named  Jacob.. the first  of which  lived in Germany  and three of which are buried in a family cemetery in  SW Virginia.  On mom's side  her sir name is Cox  and  we actually have a Cox book printed in the 1950's about the Cox Clan how they  were  Quakers  from Cotswold area of England 
Image result for quakers cotswold england
(Quaker Meeting House in Cotswold)
 who settled in Pa. in the late  1700's and  my  great great grandfather and his brother  served in the  Confederacy. The brother  was captured and held in a POW camp in the north.  After the war  upon his release he was   making the long trek home  and was so weak and  ill  a kindly  family took him in and  served him dinner.. He ate too much,  foundered and died  on the spot.
My Irish side of the  family are Higgins... and I  recently  tried yet once again after many  previous  attempts to  push back beyond a John Higgins who married  Fanny Boggess    whose  previous  family  were of the founding  families of Virginia  and whose land marched along side of  the farm of John Smith,,, who married  Pocahontas.. Finally  upon study  someone had researched and found  John Higgin's  line  reached back several more  generations to    Barnstable, Massachusetts..  right  outside of Plymouth..  His ancestor Richard  arrived  there in 1622 and  bought a homestead for 22 bushels of corn!
Image result for barnstable ma

6. What did your childhood bedroom look like?My bedroom was also the guest room... so I had very little  stuff  just sitting around.. There was a corner desk that  I used to do my homework but  I had organizational  things to keep my "stuff"  and  would  put it away in the closet  when we had   company.   The walls were painted a  soft golden  yellow  sort of a country  golden color... and the drapes were  an early American  print fabric with medallions  or  oval   miniature like  paintings of Dolly Madison..  the  rest of the  print  was  very  early America  style  print....my goodness I found it...

Image result for early american fabric dolly madison

 The  knick knacks were  early American  figures, my lamp had a bald eagle on it..   and the  bedspread was  a green  damask...  Not  very  little girlish,,  but as an only  child  I was  a pensive  reader.. not very athletic or rambustious  at all.  When I played with my dolls  I had the run of the house as long as I  put everything away when I was finished!

7. Anyone who knows me knows I love everything British, Scottish, and Irish!!

Image result for scotch irishImage result for anglophile lover
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Hubs and I were   have just returned home from  looking at something that takes me hugely by surprise...  Gas logs,  with  a new fireplace doors/screen..
Hamilton Glass Fireplace Doors
This is the  door insert I love  in bronze...the Hamilton.. I  name it for future reference.
16" Real Fyre Burnt Rustic Oak Vented Gas Logs
 I have been wanting  gas logs for so long  and I do believe that since I didn't make it to the beach Hubs is  working this out for me and I'm taking it to the limit. I will have  what I want  or nothing..  Let the  battle commence  HEHEH..  No I don't even think there will be a battle... He is being  terribly sweet  about it.. the battle will be getting it done sooner rather than later... HMMMM!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Autumn in the Mountains

Autumn in the Mountains
I am getting so excited  because  soon  Im going to be spending a very cosy weekend in  the mountains  with my sweet cousin and Im sure we'll be enjoying  teatime...  Can you imagine  my musings.
Image result for cosy autumn homes in the NC mountains
NO this isnt her place...  but  is just as  charming!!!
Only one pan is needed for this flaky and beautiful pumpkin pie. Top with caramel whipped cream for a perfect Thanksgiving dessert.
 Yep..  there  will definitely be something pumpkin...  for that Im positive...
Im also sure there will be  cozy  fires  blazing...  both inside
Except there would only be one mug Lol. Unless a friend came over. Haha
 amd out
Image result for outdoor porch fireplaces
this isnt it either,, but it is just  as  remarkable...
I know  there will be every attention to detail....   that's just who my  cuz is!!

♔ fall centerpiece..... #fall #autumn #centerpiece - I love it for Thanksgiving:
both pinterest

Now as  I continue my musings...  my taste buds  start  whispering ... "caramel""'

What would we do without pinterest!!!
Apple Scones with Apple Cider Cinnamon Glaze:
And   for tea it would surely be
Autumn Spiced Apple Tea - This typical hot tea gets a fall flavored twist with cloves, apple juice, and cinnamon - simple and delicious!:
I can hardly wait.. it  wont be much longer actually...!!!  Giddy!!!
PS...  Isnt this adorable.. this is it!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Simple Woman Day Book

For Today...October 17, 2016
Outside my window...
It is a cool  morning with  a lazy  sunrise...  the fog is  burning off now though!

I am thinking...
how quickly our family holidays are  rushing upon us...   we are  celebrating  earlier than usual .. you know how it is with  merging families!  Anyway... it will be here in a matter of weeks.. and  I have  done  hardly any shopping..  But this is  going to be a wonderful  holiday season...  we are going to  be visiting our daughter in  their new home.. and  I have vowed that I will not interfere  with  "doing"  meaning  impressing my  holiday tradition of  her family..  But I plan to stand aside and allow her to  begin her own  traditions in  her new home...I will be  glad to  help out in any way she directs me...  but the baton is being passed!

I am thankful...
 You Tube   videos...  right now I am listening to Ravi Zacharias teaching   from one of his recent conferences...  This is a wonder of the internet...  to  be  at  events all around the world from our very own kitchen!   That is a blessing! This teaching is on  the Uniqueness of Jesus  from Atlanta, Georgia.

I am wearing...
my  maxi length  house  dress  that  I  found din a   box downstairs . I used to wear this  orange     very comfy  dress  years ago...  but it  got a bit tight so I packed it away...  Now it is  loose.. yayayayaya  and still so comfy!!!!

I am creating...
Ok....  I have  stated this  at least  3 or 4 times.. but  time is getting  very short.... and I have got to  DO it!!  I  must set up my new sewing machine and  sew  3 Christmas gifts  for  the  gals in my life... my daughter, and  2  tots... Lord, help me to get this done!!!!!

I am wondering...
if Hubs is going to allow me to  re- turn on the  air conditioning  this week...  He  usually is  very  stoic on this issue..  but  starting today and through Thursday   the temps here are  back up to  the high 80's... I may have  to do a bit of sneaking around  to  get a bit of A/c  ....    but  surely this will be the last  blast of summer. this weekend it is back to low sixties!!

I am reading...
Bible Study, Entrusted, by BethMoore
Jesus Calling  Devotional 

I am learning...
to be more thankful in the  small mercies...  because  we never know  when things could change so  dramatically  even the small mercies would be lost to us!
Image result for faucet with water drawingImage result for lamplight

I am hoping...
with my  whole being to see  our nation  turn more and more  back to  the knowledge   and  relevance of God

I am learning...  and this is my  current motto::
to  try to make the most of each  realm of my  existence each day..
  physical...  mental...  spiritual!

In my garden...
I have to   give my  angel wing begonia  a  hand of applause...   she has  withstood  weeks of  drought and  summer  sun....    yet,  continues to  bless  us with her  happy  beauty.   

In my kitchen...
hubs has  put  in an order for a spaghetti  pasta dish  today...

I need to get it  on  pretty soon.  He likes  a sauce that  simmers  most of the day!!!

Image result for pizzaiola sauce
A favorite quote/scripture for today...
Image result for jesus christ is lord

Believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and profess it  with your mouth.. and you will be saved!!

    One of my favorite things...

well, this used to be  a  regular  answer...  but then I    got to be   with my girls  and there following they were travelling and unavailable for a few weeks..  so now  it is tantamount on my mind  once again...  FACETIME!!!

From the board room... Pinned from my board...
A yummy  autumn  meal...  
Brie and fruit pair wonderfully together.....topping them together on pizza is even more amazing. The cheese is able to melt and the grapes add a burst of sweetness and the thin, grilled crisp crust of the flatbread provides the perfect delivery. Grilled Grape Brie and Arugula Flatbread Pizza recipe at TidyMom.net:
Cheryl Sousan | Tidymom.net

Recipe from

Cheryl Sousan | Tidymom.net

Post Script

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Happiness is...

                        Today I am sharing on Pink Saturday.
Earlier today  I was  drawn  outside  by  a new sound....  a  soft whirring  that  signalled something new  and  rather exciting..
Then  out from  around the side  of the house  there  it came...
        One very happy gardener....dearest hubs....  with his brand spankin new  Cub Cadet mower...  There was actually a spring in his step today...For this self propelled mower actually WORKS!!!
Poor Hubs has  had a terrible time all summer with his  8 year old Honda mower. It was so heavy  and the   engine just didnt pull  up and around the  dips and rises in our yard...  I held my breath everytime  he mowed...  one particularly hot day I really thought we'd have to call the  ENTs  to come and rescue him....  but  if other men are like him... you may  know  he just  didnt want to give in to the fact that that Honda  was on its last legs..  never mind  he himself was  surely on his own..upon  full inspection. the Honda's  transmission had bitten the dust...  and finally  HUbs  was able to  make up his mind...

Thank goodness for  our friend,  Bob,  who  highly recommended  his  Cub Cadet  and  we  spent all week last week looking....  and found  just the one  we wanted  at a  great discounted price...and I am sighing a huge relief watching Hubs  sail  around the lawn instead of  huffing and puffing   as he  hauled  that  heavy Honda   up and  down and around!!!  Now   that Honda was great  while it was operational..  but  guys need to know  when to throw in the towel..!!   Now there is one happy  gardener!!!!!