Monday, March 13, 2017

The Simple Woman Day Book

For Today..February 13, 2017
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Outside my window...

There is  an expectancy for snow  this evening.. the  temps...  cold,  and skies  overcast...  blizzard conditions  north of us!!

I am thinking...
about  what  a Bible teacher used to  tell us "As it is in heaven,  so it is on earth...   this regards  the  spiritual battle going on in the heavenlies...  and  it is felt and  the  world responds in kind,  because  the enemies of God are  activated.  We see it in the  media,  the government, even the church,  and it filters  down into  families and relationships...  God tells us in the last days  it will be this way,   and one has to wonder,  arent we surely in the last days..

I am thankful...
for saving grace,  because as  written above,  I can get caught up in myriad  situations,  some out of my control and some I  should  stay far away  from, but don't..I and  my best friends are  leaders in a community  prayer  initiative, and  invariably  when we are in a  planning stage  for  events  the  air is fraught with tension,  as  I truly believe  the demonic  powers  are  trying to  thwart us...  weakness,  illness, pain,   irritability,    stress,  and all around  tenseness  can  pile on each of us and  we  need  intensive  prayer coverage  during these times..but God is faithful  and   we are much better when we  can just let go and let God have His way...  wearing  the armor of God is so important... especially the shield  that  will deflect the  missiles that  minions  hurl at us...
I am wearing...
my  plum velvet  sweat shirt and  navy  slacks..Hubs is dropping me off at my favorite  consignment shop this morning  to browse and  maybe  pick up  something...  I never know what it may be,,, just something  that   speaks to me. Of course, then  my daughter makes me  throw out  at least  2 items   to make up for each new one I bring into the house.  It is a good idea!  So I did find  a few treasures..
When I  met this  fair lady,   it  struck a cord with me...  I  love introducing my  grand daughters  to  fairy tales and  fairies...    I believe it is so important  to  help children  believe  in  the unseen world,  as   youngsters,   for  good    and  fun purposes  and then  I  think they  are more willing to believe the unseen world  of  God in His heaven  and  what His Son has done for us..  Anyway,  I got this  for  their  room that is designed specifically for them  even though they  visit so rarely. Next, I have  plans to  really lighten it up in the living room...  The tapestry over the fireplace must go... But  for future  use I must keep the brackets from which it hangs so I bought this gorgeous  garland to hang from those...  We'll see how it pans out.
I  have been watching  for a  green plate to  add to my  March  plate  ensemble...  and there tucked away behind  a stack of plates was  this   Burress Hall  Plate  commemorating   our daughter's college, Virginia Tech.  It   attracted me first of all because of the  lovely green... 
So those  two plates along with my  Irish   trivet    complete my March  wall  display!! 
Last of all,  I    found  this   lovely blue transfer ware serving bowl that  goes  along with my  collection of "blues "  I needed  a servng bowl  so I  am delighted!!

I am creating...
nothing creative here... unless you  consider the prayer points  I am working on!

I am wondering..
and hoping really  that this snow that is   coming  form across country  will   lay about for  days or  melt away   in a hurry.. especially  up north.  We have plans for a  road trip  soon and  was hoping for  that  lovely early spring  we've been experiencing!Also,  our daughter and  her family are flying into  Logan International  Airport on Wednesday evening....Please pray  for that one when you read this!  They  are  experiencing blizzards there tomorrow.

I am reading:: 
Redeemed,  a Bible Study by Angela Thomas Pharr.
Redeemed Bible Study Book   -     By: Angela Thomas-Pharr

Desire to fully live the life of the redeemed 
Welcome change as God slowly transforms you into His image 
Increase your passion for God’s Word 
Apply redemption to your life in practical ways 
Learn alongside other women and support each other through prayer and small group community 
Learn to lean upon Jesus for your real help and hope 

I am listening....
to  the  quiet of the house,  but the ringing in my own ears.... allergy/sinus issues!

I am learning...
Well, lately, I need to be  applying the lovely tenets  that I  had been trying to learn  recently, trust God,  wait,  stay out of trouble...

I am hoping... 

to get  my  crown...  I  broke the entire   dental work out of a tooth that  many years ago  was cracked and   the dentist had   basically  used  composite to  save the tooth,   It requires a crown,  the temporary  crown  fell out  twice in the last 2 weeks and I have  basically just  lived with the  rubber stub  the dentist  built up on it for the  permanent crown to attach to for almost a week.  The crown was supposed to be here last Thursday and I still havent  heard back from the dentist..  perhaps  this issue  has added  to a bit of my  discomfiture...praise God  so far it is only a bit quickish...  but  I am anxious to get it settled.

In my garden... 
the grass is growing and   things are greening!!!!And I saw  my   delicate  bloodwort  blooming.
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This is usually the first bloom of the  new year, but the season has been so strange  the trees have bloomed out, the forsythia, as well as, the jonquils...  and now that  we have   a forecast  of snow,   this sweet flower  makes its appearance..  I  first  saw bloodwort  while hiking through  the woods behind my  parent's home in the country  and simple fell in love  with its beauty..  So daddy  dug me up some to bring home with me  and we planted  it  at both our house   first back in  the late 70's  then again in "88  when we moved here.  Even though I just have a small bit, it never fails to herald spring!!!
In my kitchen...
Tonight  we are having  fish dinner.....  frozen white fish fillets,  lightly battered and fried, Hubs special  homemade  slaw, and  roasted  potatoes with onions.
The rest of the week  it appears we will  probably eating out  at various functions

A favorite quote/scripture for today..
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One of my favorite things...
I love  hosting teas..  and   Hubs  ordered off my wishlist from Amazon  a  gently used  tea  book.. it arrived this afternoon...

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Here is a great review of the book:
A perfect source for tips, decorating ideas, theme suggestions, and recipes... Tea with Friends is a year s worth of interesting party ideas from a Scottish Hogmanay high tea in January to a winter solstice tea in December... I was inspired to throw a tea party. --Sarah Arnold, Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications

I found this sweet teapot  last month at  the consignment shop  just in time for  party planning time.   

Board Room
Help yourself to some lovely  Irish Tea ideas!!
and here!
Irish tea drinking wisdom

A Moment of my life...
Well, Hubs did get the tapestry down
I  do enjoy it so much,   made in France, I've never seen another like it..But it is heavy  and  Im ready for a change... So he   attached my garland to the brackets and  a bit of switcheroo  and now   it  does have a  new look  not  the final look  but  it  is exciting  to  ponder  what new  change  may transpire!!
Time to  do some other major thinking about what can be done to lighten up   this room

Right off the bat...  I need to  get rid of some furniture!  hahahaha
"Honey, tomorrow  we  are  rearranging the living room!""
"Cut!  That's a wrap!"

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Perfect Hodge Podge

1. What is one area of your life where you're a perfectionist? Is that a good thing?

I  have to agree with Joyce,  when I host an event  I  really  desire for  it  to  go without a can be a bad thing, though,... for example at  our daughter's  wedding I  saw a couple from our church  whom we hadn't invited.  It was a  sort of destination wedding at  the  bridal couples'  university,  but only about 50 miles from home.  We had invited their son who was also a University student  but when his parents showed up    I  was  horrified that they would get to the reception and find no table setting for  them,  so I rushed to the reception hall to  talk to the    coordinator to  get it all set up and do whatever it took to make it look  like it was  preplanned...  meanwhile, the  family, including  parents and  grandparent photos, were being taken at the chapel..  I guess I just figured that the photographer would realize that  the  couple he had met with  several times who were  paying the  thousand dollars had not been photographed.. neither    my husband nor my parents were in any  photo..   It still  rather sticks in my craw,   but what  else could I have done...

2. What's something you find perfectly ridiculous? 
Again, I agree with the outrageous  attempt by  the outgoing  leadership party to  derail  our new president and his  administration..  rather maddening actually...   and  the    fake news that  keeps  coming out of main stream media . 

3. What's a skill you've developed by way of that old fashioned saying, 'practice makes perfect?

Well, of course, music...  I  grew up  taking  piano lessons all through  school and college...  I was actually pretty good... then...  but over time have gotten  very rusty and now with my  failing  clarity of vision I  even have a hard time  reading the music  to sing in the choir,   But my love of music  is  huge to me.. I  have music playing all the time...  I love solo piano music..

4. What's your idea of a perfect breakfast?

Well, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day...   I  adore  our  traditional Christmas breakfast...  sausage/ veggie quiche,  orange cranberry scones,  brandied fruit,  but  when I go to  a certain   restaurant here  in town  I  invariably  order #3.. Eggs to order ( over medium), crisp bacon and  1/2 order of sausage gravy biscuit.  They do  know how to make  gravy just like granny's! 

5. What's a trip, holiday, vacation, or day outing you've taken that you'd rate a perfect 10? Tell us why.
It would have to be  our trip to Ireland in 2015..  we went with about  25  of our closest church friends and it was a bus tour  starting  in Dublin and  travelling around  entire  island.The only thing missing is I would have loved to share the trip with my  daughter's family  as  we  are Irish and  to  share  these memories would be heavenly.
When we arrived in Dublin I already knew I wanted to find this tea room  right  down the road from Trinity College.. and we got there straightaway..

Awesome luncheon there!!
 then our long afternoon of    touring the college,   the  magnificent library,  and  Book of Kells.
and shopping..  I bought  my Aran sweaters and lugged them around around for 2 weeks..  (Stupid)

 Loved the    traditional folk music, and  fell in love with Guinness and  Irish Coffee..  Oh, my!
 A traditional Irish breakfast...  yummy bacon....
 St. Patrick's

 and on   south to  the  quaint towns of Kilkenney and Waterford

There is some evidence in our family record that our Higgins  family originated from Waterford.
My only regret  of taking a bus tour is  all my  photos were taken  on the 'go'!  But the  fields dotted with sheep  thrilled me...
 The  tour around the ring of Kerry  was mesmerizing..  we could clearly see Dingle peninsula across the way.. The day was so clear we could actually see  the Island of Skellig Michel.. see the faint  triangle    south of the  tip of Dingle.

 Here is a photo  of Skellig Michel  which is one of the most mysterious islands  on earth...   source for this one is  internet..

Image result for Irish island michel
the  Wild Atlantic Way  from  the highest peak of the "Ring"  was breath-taking!

 Sorry for the  reflections  but  I was entranced by the  town of Adair...
 and later that  evening we stayed in Limerick  home to King John's Castle on  the  River Limerick!
 That night  we dined in true  medieval splendor

 and  spent two nights in actual medieval castles  ; this one  is Lough Eske in  Killarney

Travelling further north we entered Northern Ireland..  what  a joy to actually be there  and walk the streets    of Derry ,(Londonderry).  So much  history,  anarchy,  and  peace  in one   small area
 Here  there were only protestant churches....such as  this  Church of England
 A tour of the  Guildhall. was   amazing.

The stained glass told  Northern Ireland's history
We  saw  Queen Victoria before  PBS made her  famous!
Our drive  north east toward the Giant's Causeway  was    thrilling...  

 It was our only misty day,  but the northern coastline  was with us most of the way...
 And then we were  at the Causeway!

 A most    contemplative  place to be. most northern spot one earth I've ever been....about the same latitude as Copenhagen, and not  far south of Anchorage...  I so would have loved to be there at night  to see the Northern Lights....  Still on my bucket list!!!
 While in NI.  we stayed in the Europa  Hotel in Belfast.. the most bombed out hotel in the world 
and to end our  lovely 2 weeks,  we stayed  at  Cabra Castle..    near Dublin!
 Loved our  room....

All in all it was  my dream trip to   one of  my ancestral  lands!!!

6. What quote or saying perfectly sums up your life right now? If you can't do perfect, how about one that comes close?
'Take time to smell the roses'...  I  am  really in a mood to  just  take in everything  that is   lovely,  memorable, and   made by the Creator...  

7. How would you spend $300 today?
Well,  I spent a third of that today  on Easter baskets for the girls... We'd spend the other  2/3  on     my spending spree at Kohl's since   we have a 30% coupon burning a hold in our pocket! We both  could  spruce up our spring wardrobe a bit  as we are planning a  trip in the coming  weeks...

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Have to go now  to eat.  Hubs  finished up our  dinner..  by  heating up the bbq chicken strips for our salad.. then we're off to choir..  to practice  for Easter.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Very Green Pink Saturday


First of all, I want to remind  Christians  of a post a shared recently  about  being  an Esther in times like these...  where we can do such a small thing like send our President a card of  appreciation.. just a simple postcard,  because  the  enemy of  our soul is  urging his followers to  do just the opposite  for the  upcoming Ides of March,  March 15th... So far I've sent 3  and  bought enough  stamps for  plenty more...So  you still have time to  pray about and  actually do this small thing for our president.  It is  our hope to flood  the White House with  cards  saying, "We  are praying for   you,  President Trump"
 But you stopped in   for some  Pink Fun...  But  I'm  all green these days...  with splashes of yellow!!!Our  February  was so unseasonal..  everything is in full bloom...  all the trees, ,     forsythia, and  all my daffodils  are  fully  bloomed out..  Well,  it got down to 24  last night  so  we  clipped about half of my blooms  and brought them in yesterday  which was  my impetus to break out the "Greens", as well! Having  travelled to Ireland   the spring of 2015  I  still  get  so excited  for mid March to approach so I can  recall the many wondrous  things we  enjoyed..
I just love daffodils...  they a re  such cheery flowers!! 
My  small but very meaningful collection of Irish,  Belleek, China , we actually received the  cream and sugar      items  45 years ago for our wedding!

My  girlfriend who  was also  in our  church tour of Erin,,and purchased this memento for us prayer Sista's  which is also, Belleek!  A blessing for the home!

I  have several daffodil  arrangements  around the house...  and thanks you, Lord,  the  frost didn't get  any of them last night!! 
 I only have one  Tara  china  irish teacup  so I have elevated it in a  place of honor!
 Daffodils in the living room.. they really make us feel that spring has sprung....  cold as it is, today!!!

 Some other items I  found charming  in Ireland  were the  coasters with Irish sentiments.  I bought the green rimmed plate last year. a idyllic Irish  countryside..
But the  hot plate  was purchased in Dublin..  I love the Celtic harp! 
This sentiment on a coaster  really speaks to  my spirit..
"Dance as if no one were watching,
Sing as if no one were listening,
Live everyday  as if it were your last" 
And my new favorite  toast,
(Pronounced Slawn-che)

 "good health"

                                             Pink Saturday