Friday, August 11, 2017


 It is time for Friday's Fave five hosted by  Susanne!
1. This week has been  a  joy  mainly because of the change in the weather...  we have been enjoying  high 70/low 80 temps this week with lower humidity....  In fact, we just enjoyed a lovely breakfast  out on the porch...

2.  Also, this week  we finally got  our master bedroom back together following taking up the  carpet and redoing the floors...the final room to  redo  will be our granddaughter's room...  this was  Amanda's room  as a child,  but  over the years has  become the catchall room... and especially during the upheaval of  carpet removal  in the upstairs  it was the room  where everything  from the  work areas  was  stashed... so there is residual  stuff  from every room in there...  Bah!  It is my  assignment  for the weekend to  sort through and  bag or box up stuff for    trash or recycling..It will be so wonderful to finally have the whole upstairs  completely redone.  Photos  to come.

3.  This week  Amanda I  firmed up their  planned visit  ( she and her two tots  from Massachusetts)for the end of the month...    She has been unable to travel with them ,  (the oldest is  almost 4  the younger  1 1/2) for over a year  so  I  am so anxious to have them here at Gaa Gaa and Baa Baa's house.  Trying to plan  outings,  folks to see us,  going to visit others while they  are here...
Want to make the most out of their visit!!
Here are our two lil ballerinas...  little sis getting some good advice from big sis!

4.  Yesterday,  Hubs and I held our first SOS House Intercession Group..intending to  meet every second Thursday,   because of the tense climate in the world today,  we are an SOS group  ready to drop everything to get together  in prayer  over  our areas of influence. Our  group is diverse enough to make for interesting  prayer.. we have 5 denominations  represented  everything from Anglican,  Baptist,   to Pentecostal and everyone is  respective of the others'  style.. I love that!  And I believe it pleases  the Lord, as well, to see His  children come together in unity!
Image result for house prayer group

5.  Today is a red letter day...  last year we were privileged to get to  redo the kitchen  and  we  incorporated  plantation shutters into our design.
Then,  when Hubs redid his office last fall he wanted  shutters for  his  tiny windows..
Of course, then  I wanted them for  the master...  so 

  soooo.... today we are   finishing up  our  shutter  designs  in the guest room..  final  reveal next week!   
But you might notice that  in these rooms  is that  hideous carpet that  is no more... more on that next week! 


  1. It's hard but fulfilling work to sort through "stuff" - glad you got some time in to do that. How fun to plan for and look forward to a visit from the little folks! The windows look nice!

    1. well, I feel pretty bad today.. I didnt hit a lick! Tomorrow Ive got to jump in right off the bat!!! Thanks.. I love the windows myself. Budget blinds do us a great job!

  2. oh how fun to have granddaughters who can visit you! we live so close to the border of MA and of course with my husband being from south shore Boston area we are there often. next week we will pass thru on our north to NH! and then back to the cape area for a little r amd r. where in MA are they living?

    cant wait to see your photos!!

    1. THanks.. since we live in Virginia I just dont get to see them nearly enough... they change so quickly... they live southwest of Boston about 25 miles..... Nice rural area!!

  3. Every thing looks very pretty...especially your little granddaughters. Have fun with their visit!!

    1. We plan to have a great time, thanks.. we will have 3 birthdays to celebrate.... hope this milder weather hangs in til after their visit .. I don't know we still have 3 weeks to go!

  4. Your shutter look lovely. They have become very fashionable here in the Uk. You must be getting very excited over that visit. I'm sure you're going to have lots of fun.

  5. Oh, yes, I am a huge fan of Escape to the Country on BBC... I watch on YOutube.... and I live in An English Tudor Style home.... so when I saw the shutters on the show, I thought why yes, I need to get those window treatments. btw. I love all things British. and I am hoping to surprise my daughter with those shutters in her room... she'll love the less sunny mornings!

  6. I LOVE your SOS prayer group: that it is no denominational and that it regularly meets. Prayer is so needed and powerful. Thank you for doing this!

    Your home is slowly but surely getting a makeover: kitchen last year and upstairs this year. It is probably like getting a new house. And I love the shutter look, too.

    As a side note, it is fun that when you move the cursor off this text box, little bits trail down. such a FUN detail.

    Have a great week.

  7. I love the shutters throughout your house! So nice that your daughter and grandchildren are able to travel and give you a visit. I love that your prayer group is made up of so many different churches.

  8. I know you will treasure every moment of your daughter and granddaughters' visit! Enjoy your time!
    Hurray for decluttering that room and for new carpets and new shutters!


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