Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our eventful August

Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast ~I thought you might find this interesting, too. 
Well,   it has been awhile....  The past few weeks have been  rather   eventful..
 First of all,  we  had our summer vacation to   Boston  to see family  who live nearby...
So we  got to stop over going and coming   here at Swiss Woods B&B.  THis place suits us to a tee!
It is almost exactly halfway between our house and their's...  and the  charm of the place is   so   welcoming
 even when you arrive in  the rain....  which just makes us happy to know  how lush the gardens will be  next week  when we pass through yet again!

HAHAHA   does anyone's   selfies   ever look good???   But   we  were  so happy to be   enjoying the   wonderful aromas  wafting from the kitchen..
Need I say more?!?!
The  accommodations are so comfy....  but   we were   soon on the road...  for the next 7 hour leg of the trip...  which turned into about  9 hours due to the heavy traffic and rain.

Our first photo of Birdie.. who was  standing alone and    just beginning to venture out into her first steps!  we were  so  delighted to   see  4    beautiful teeth!Of course we were   happy to  see the proud  mommy and daddy,  too,  which makes three!!!


The the highlight of our  trip was to   experience  Birdie's   baptism.....   there is no  more  exquisite joy than knowing that   your children  are  grafted into the family of God... their  eternal security  secured  and   their lives   actively  building  the kingdom of God
I love our   family so much.....  what a blessing   they are to us....

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  1. aw very sweet pics!! love to see pics of birdie with her teefers! love you very much,


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