Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (650-659)

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A Holy Experience.
650.  Joy  to be alive and  know  beyond  a shadow of a doubt that  I am a child of God
651.  the blessing   that my dear husband  is  to me each and every day.
652.  the Holy Spirit's leading  through  adventures and exploits  that I never imagined  for  Christ

653.  these  sunny  clear,   days of late July  when the temperatures  clamor to reach the 80's   love them so much!
654.  the  free growing Morning Glories  so  daring to  rush in among all the other  living  beings   wrapping their loving tendrils around every other  plant.. perhaps they  show me  how I can  ingratiate myself into  those who are hurting or who need a friend..though I doubt I would ever be quiet so  invasive...

655.  The peace that  results from  restoration of  relationships
656.  The freedom that results from  the cutting  away the entangling  idols  of our time..for me  it was  meaningless games on facebook
657.  The eager anticipation of  actually  sharing  the   our days with our children and granddaughter.... will be here before we know it....oh, that   time  might stand still during those days!
658. The utter peace  and joy of  just a lovely afternoon with no demands  or  appointments  to enjoy the space that  God has giving us.
659.  The afternoon sun light on a  cool  low humidity day...

the interplay of  dreaming light and shadows... enchanting!

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