Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Great Romance

Years before we ever even thought of making a confession to God and claiming Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He was wooing us to come to Him, to fill the desperate longing we felt in life. For each one of us was created with a God sized hole in our heart that longs to be filled with a rapturous, beautiful, wild and adventurous love. At tender ages, we are attracted by God’s creation. Everyone can look back into their early youth and remember a moment of time when they experienced a transcending emotion, or awe, and connection with some glory pronounced in nature around them. A heavenly sunset casting a crimson glow on everything one a lazy autumn afternoon, the pounding surf crashing on a deserted ocean shore, a forest glade with the sunlight falling in drops from the leaves overhead- These wondrously momentous events were not accidental happenings, but calculated wooing from the lover of our souls delighting in us and giving us glimpses of His love drawing us to Him. Each of us may have sought to recapture the emotion aroused by those times, never to be able to experience it again in quite the same way. We go searching for fulfillment in recreating that glory and if we don’t find it immediately we look for gratification in often times in the wrong places. Add to this the wiles of the enemy of our souls and how he seeks to destroy everything good within us and we become embroiled in His lies which tell us that we are unworthy to experience glory.

The trials and afflictions of our lives divert our hearts so God’s glory is so very difficult to find. However, the gnawing doesn’t go away. We become disgruntled seekers trying desperately to fill the void in our hearts- the expedient fillers, tv, reading, music, fantasies, sports, food, alcohol, - things that only seek to draw us further and further from truth of who we were created to be and what we truly need and are searching for!

That same part of our heart and soul that responds to a beautiful melody or romantic scene in a movie when the hero wins the heroine’s favor, that tremulous response you might feel at the sound of a marching band in a parade or for me at an airshow when f14’s buzz the airstrip- that feeling emanates from the heart spot that Jesus is looking to fill in us. Anything else will surely not satisfy.It is time to pray for God to give us sensitivity to Christ’s whispering. It probably will come at the most inopportune times- maybe even in the dead of night or very early in the morning when you’d much rather be sleeping, but it is at this quiet time of life when Jesus is most likely to reveal Himself to us. He has so much of Himself to reveal. Jesus wants our attention before the cares of the day steals our mind and energy. Yield to the lover of your soul- the bridegroom.

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