Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Daughter, Amanda

Allow me to introduce our daughter, Amanda, whom we adopted from Seoul, Korea in 1985 at the age of fifteen weeks. From the very first moment we met her, we knew she was someone special. Even her accompanying travel host stated that we received the booby prize. He went on to say that she did not sleep a wink on the twenty hour flight, but was a wide eyed, curious, happy, engaging infant.
Amanda continues to exhibit those same wonderful qualities and so much more. To say she has always been an overachiever is an understatement. She has worked hard and achieved more in her twenty odd years than many people achieve in a lifetime. She sang with a College Children’s Choir for five years, during which time she performed at the White House and Carnegie Hall. She took piano lessons for eight years and is today an accomplished classical pianist. She started violin lessons at age four and took for fourteen years. She graced the Regional Youth Symphony as Concert Master and continues to perform with her College Orchestra. Today she is a professional violinist who has played at the Greenbrier and in Alexandria, Virginia, as well as many venues across the state.
Academically, Amanda is an excellent student, who managed all of the above activities and still managed to keep a 3.8 grade point average. She attended Governor School, needless to say her coursework was above average. However, she still found time to play softball, tennis, volleyball and soccer on her school teams. She was a dean’s list student there at University and received a fellowship to do research in her master’s program in biology.
Because she has such a marvelous drive to excel and be a productive citizen she even found time to volunteer at Memorial Hospital, and the West End Center of Downtown, for underprivileged kids, of color. Amanda’s heart is pure gold and she gives from the inner recesses. A devout Christian, Amanda pursues her life’s purpose with grace and love. Her servant’s heart spurs her on to excellence in all of her endeavors.

AS a very proud mother I penned the above when Amanda was in graduate school in college.  She is married now living with her husband outside of Boston.... I miss her terribly, but her dad and I couldnt be prouder of her.  She never fails  to astonish us with her capacity to achieve and excel in her vocationl She is a research scientist  in a clinical lab..    her professional acumen and writing/ documetation  skills have set her apart in her field...  She and her husband  host and lead Bible Studies from their home, and they ve made such wonderful friends in the twon years they've lived there.    SHe will always be the sunshine of our lives and the apple of my parents eyes.

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