Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcome October

October has always been one of my busiest  months..
 When I was teaching,  it seemed that was   the month I finally juggled all the balls into the air,   and  I spent the rest of the year keeping them all  going in a  mad-hatter  circle about me...retirement hasn't changed that much...  my calendar is so full of  things to do,,,, Bible studies  church committee work,  luncheons,  extra choir practices for holiday  programs,  club activities,    prayer vigils,  because  everything  needs to be completely  saturated with  life sustaining prayer.
But life is  great..  and  each new day offers new challenges and  opportunities...   and then  in the world around us we see  nature   winding down in a blaze of  glory....  something I think   we should  take time to do  as we are able....
Autumn has  such  a  glorious allure...

                                         the  colors are  radiant 
                 I love this quote from this month's Victoria Bliss...

                 "Autumn burned brightly,a running flame                                 through the mountains,a torch flung to the trees.."
                                                 Faith Baldwin
                                 photo autumnaroundhome035.jpg
               Looks like it's time to plan a picnic in the mountains!!!
                               photo autumnaroundhome027.jpg
                              or maybe one in our own backyard!!
                             photo autumnevening002.jpg

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