Monday, October 2, 2017

The Simple Woman Daybook

For Today~ October 2, 2017

Looking out my window... 
a brisk, sunny  October morning.. loving it!!!!

I am thinking...
about how horrible the news is this morning.. news out of Las Vegas and  over 50 dead  and hundreds injured...  May our prayers go out to the victims families!!
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I am thankful..
for too many things to count,  but mainly that  we have a God who  is in control, and even  when bad things happen in this evil world, He is with us through it all! We must pray continually for His watch care over us and our family!

I am watching.....
I have sort of gotten hooked on  some British detective series on Netflix...I am missing Foyle's War..  it was  perfection...too many of them are  rather grim and not  to my liking...  but we did enjoy  Shetland....  loved  DI Perez!

I am  reading...

I Peter,  Thinking Differently by James MacDonald,
The God Calls My Name by Max Lucado

I am listening to...
the news account  on  talk radio

I am hoping... 
to be able to pick up my order today.... All three of our K Marts have  closed... and I really like  Jaclyn Smith's line of clothing...  so I found you can order them online and  pick up at Sears.  They are nice quality and  really  good prices... I ordered 4 tops...  including this one
Jaclyn Smith Jaclyn Smith Women's Wrap-Front Shirt

I am learning...
to float above  so much of the "stuff"  that  we  hear about in the media..  God is  leading me through my life without  the focus on    the all  the  strife  in media....   turning off the radio and  clicking off of   those sites  on facebook help  so much!!!

In the kitchen...
Slow cooker pot roast
Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipe

In my garden~
The remaining colors of summer are beginning to fade..

today  we are working in the garden to plant some  items  we have been holding back until  fall to plant...  basically, I bought a couple of  lovely  peonies  when they were  for sale back in May...

Hubs refuses to plant shrubs before autumn...  so  I look forward to  getting my peonies in the ground today  so next year they will look like this!!!

Image result 
Currently, my mums are  bursting into color and  the autumn colors are  peeking...  looking forward to  when they  are peaking!!!

 Board Room

This is my favorite painting of the year.  It combines a Westie with a classy tux and champagne with an edgy background for a great overall effect.My little daughter Daisy #westie

Westie! <3ridiculous, but I couldn't help post it. It's a Westie as Mr. Darcy. I love them both, but together?
But, alas, HUbs  despises  dogs.. so I dream on!!!

Shared Quote
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A moment in my day:
I am so blessed.  last night I was  experiencing some unknown  pain in my  right   quadrant....     and had a  bad night...  Hubs  has been  so dear this morning...  making  coffee and  breakfast...  just really  being sweetly attentive!!!  I praise God for  him everyday!!!

Closing Notes
Have you started pressing in for more of God in your life!!!
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  1. What a nice daybook! You have a lovely porch area.

    1. Peggy, thanks so much for you visit and encouraging comments.

  2. What a lovely post.... I must say that I totally agree with you on Shetland. That is a fantastic show! I am hoping they put up a new series soon. I breezed through the first three. Thanks for sharing your daybook with us!

    1. Oh, yes, a new season would be wonderful....hope you have a great week!

  3. Lovely garden photos!!
    I would have a dog like that too if I could :)

    1. Annie, thanks for visiting,,, don’t you just love that precious breed of pups. Yeah, my husband knows he’ d probably end up walking a dog, so we won’t be getting one anytime soon. God bless!

  4. Such beautiful flowers. I'm so glad you were able to rest from your unrestful sleep and I do hope that you're feeling much better. What a wonderful husband you have! It was lovely to visit your Daybook.


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