Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The weather.....
A tad warmer here today..   it is 31 instead of  21  this morning.

Right now I am....
I am  awaiting  my first cup of coffee, so I  thought  Id   work on  the   blog a bit.

Thinking.... Im thinking  that   wow   December is going to fly by....  I  feel like  Im not one bit prepared....   the tree is up but not decorated...   the  house has been  de-autumned,  and is clean,  but nothing has been  brought up  from the basement even....  I  have very few  ideas about   anything... especially  gift-giving,  of course the cards  arent   ready,   and the good news  is  we will be  picking up the kids to  bring home from the airport in 16 days....   whoa,   bet get a move on!

Looking forward to...
this weekend,   when Lynn and I  sing in our church  Christmas  program, 'Still He Came".   This is our first churchwide event to sing together...  This is  quite a production, and   for me it  brings back the   old days when I   used to sing in the Chancel choir  in my twenties,   and   back then I never dreamed Lynn  would ever sing in  a  church choir,   but   he loves it and  I  am ecstatic to share this with him!

On my reading pile....
The Spirit of Python, by Jentezen Franklin
Spiritual Warfare, by EM Bounds
Daily Bible reading...  Ezekiel
We are actually  doing  a home   Bible Study on Spiritual Warfare  and   this   study  has   really opened my eyes to   the  importance of   God's provision  of the weapons of our spiritual battles  because in this world  we are  bombarded all the time! 

On my TV..... 
reruns of Downton Abbey in preparation  for  season  4  beginning  early January
Hallmark Christmas movies

Blog Hopping
Tablescapes by Diane
I   really  felt a kindred spirit   here....lovely  taste and ambiance and a  sheer  love  for   creating!

On my to do list....
practice   our music
Online shopping-it is Cyber Monday after all!

Looking around the house....
This   was  Amanda's room   in the  day,   but when she left home, I  was so lonesome for her, I  moved in and  made it  my  office, craft room.  Well, believe me,  I  became of hoarder of   paperwork, books, magazine,   idea  files,  stuff, stuff, stuff!   Then I heard that  Birdie was on  the way! Then, all I could think of was    'I  have to create a space for her  in our home'....  so I  got to work,  out with all  my  gear....  what a huge   throw away pile   I created !
  So now I  have a rather   blank  canvas.  I have started with the  lovely  ice blue  sateen  duvet cover,,,   I  want to paint the walls   a  very  pale  blue and then  go from there....   I have always lovely  ice blue  rooms!  
Carolyn Cyphers's photo. 

For  example, this    room fit for   a princess!!!!  I think   it will be fun  to   see   how the Lord   helps me make it happen,,,,   because  I   always trust Him  for   every good thing in my life, and He never ever  fails me!

From the camera:

Last  week we prayer sisters   met to plan   our  upcoming Christians United to Pray  event   which is coming  up next  Monday night  at  our local  library...  We  started this initiative  over a year ago  to  bring  Christians together    from  all over our   city  to pray  for   our  our  families, our  communities,   city, nation, and the world.  Our  commission is to  unite  Christians  to  break the  bonds that  divide us and exalt the One who unites us.   We are excited  that  our upcoming even   is  a celebration of   the Advent of Christ,  and what his coming   really means  as  look  forward to his second coming!

On my prayer list..... 
Our family, parents, daughter ,  Little Birdie*, son-in law, 
Our church, and church family 
our nation, leaders, 
Israel and the Middle East 

Bible verse, Devotional  or  thoughtful  words: Listen here.
My Times Are In Your Hands
A great disservice has been done to the cause of Christ by those who have tended to suggest that Christianity is all brightness and laughter. Such a perspective is neither true to the biblical record, nor to the human experience. The joy of which the Bible speaks is not found in isolation from the rigors of life. James encourages us to "count it all joy" when we face trials of various kinds. The studies contained in this album make it very clear that Christians grieve, too. They, also, seek to provide a biblical framework for dealing with affliction, trial, and disappointment. Underpinning it all is the doctrine of God’s providence, which affords the believer the opportunity to rest in the awareness that our times are in His hands. This album may well prove to be a great help to friends and neighbors who are trying to make sense of some of life’s storms


  1. Yes, making the best of life's storms is a good way to describe it. It comes and goes. I take joy in the moments when all is calm! Love the icy blue room idea!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. Ready for the holidays. Blessings, Martha


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