Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy New Years!
Saying goodbye to 2013 will be  a sort of relief...  I never  really liked odd numbered years....  strange as that seems.  I look back at odd numbered years and  it always seems that something  bad  happened...  the blizzard of 77, the flood of 85, 9-11-01,   but there again  out of the ashes  something wonderful always  came forth,,,, We  adopted our precious daughter in 85  and   even though dad  went to be with the Lord this year, God sent  Lil Birdie to our family this year....  His mercies are new every morning, or year, one might say.  So   today Ive been contemplating time....
we think we have  all the time in the world....  so we  put things off until the time is right, or until we get around to it..we are deluded, lulled in that  way of thinking... for time  does fly.....  and once  gone   can never be recaptured... 

So here we are  a moment in time when  four generations of women in my family   come together....so   happy  we could  be together  at the same  moment  in the same place,,, only by the grace of God did  we all live to see this moment..  How  did momma get get to 92 ,,,  or  did I get to be 63!  Im  ecstatic to be  able to hold  my granddaughter,  I treasure every moment I am given with her and my daughter.....   it is easy to look back  over time and  regret  the times we  took  our loved ones for granted..What on earth  were we thinking,,, what ever was  more important at the time...put   the true value on time spent with family and f riends,  and  make the most of every  moment...  for time truly does fly....  we never know what tomorrow will bring! Im not saying    we can expect  bad things, for God is the giver of good gifts,    even   separation for a time  from the people we hold most dear,  but  what ever  may come will always be for our best outcome.... he holds our times in His hands and our lives  unfold   in his timing....  just dont take  the time we are given for granted!

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