Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Past with Seasonal Sunday

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Christmas  is   probably  my favorite time of year.... besides \ the excitement of Advent, for sure,  but, also,  because  of   family, especially,  now when   family is more and more  spread  apart...therefore,   it is my delight to  pull out all the stops at Christmas!
 I started blogging in 2008 and this was  my first digital Christmas
 photo christmastablescape010.jpg
looks  like we were all set for the  Christmas Eve  gathering.
Christmas   Morning  breakfast  was  a snowman affair in the sunroom  that  year!
 photo christmasparty071.jpg

The next year the   Christmas  breakfast   was   held  in the dining room! SO great to have my mom and dad with us...   regretfully, they  wont  be  with us  this year...  They 
are  both  bedfast now!
 photo christmasparty128.jpg
Praise the Lord,  our dearest Amanda   will be, though!
 photo christmasparty122.jpg
How sweet  when  she and Joshua were  still living  nearby and  we got to  hear them perform  in the  Christmas  orchestra  on Christmas Eve!
 photo christmasparty091.jpg
IN 2009 the  Snow theme  was  blue!
 photo snowscape009.jpg
Dont you like to mix it up?  I do.. and in 2010   the Snow theme   was   enhanced with  a  snowy evening...   so we had  our Christmas Eve  in the sunroom!
 photo Christmas2009169.jpg
The Dining room also invited  folks   for  a bit of a warming libation!
 photo Christmas2009161.jpg
along with a  tasty   savory!
 photo Christmas2009158.jpg
Another   Christmas  Morning...   I see  Amanda's favorite  cranberry  scones!
 photo Christmasmorning-1.jpg
I believe I will recreate this   scene.. I like it!
 photo CHristmas2010106.jpgand, of course, there is nothing like Christmas lights!
 photo CHristmas2010123.jpg
Looks like I liked it in 2011  as well!
 photo Christmasdecor2011029.jpg
I   had   a nice mantel  in 2011
 photo Christmasdecor2011013.jpg
 photo Christmasparty2011030.jpg
Maybe I wont   get my hair cut for Christmas...   I kind of  like it this length!  heheheheheh
I really think this  is interesting to see the effect of light each year...
  photo Christmas2011006.jpg
 photo Christmas2011007.jpg
  So what about last year...
 photo 2012-11-30041818.jpg
 photo 2012-11-29064533.jpg
 photo 2012-11-29025100.jpg
 photo 2012-12-25003912.jpg

Last year was the last year we'd all  be together...  this year  we'll be  celebrating a  bit here and yonder as we take  Christmas to  2  separate nursing facilities...   but  I am determined to make this Christmas just as festive as I can...  because this year,  we  are celebrating with our new granddaughter, Birdie!!!!


  1. Congrats on the new granddaughter, all you decorations are very pretty. Have a wonderful holiday season. -Dawn @ We Call It

  2. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your photos of Christmas past your Mon and Dad look so happy to be with you and your family so sweet. Congrats on your new Granddaughter also. You have a Beautiful home, love how you put this all together for the Holidays. Hoping you will come over and see me also.

  3. Such a difficult year to be without your parents but with such wonderful blessings.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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