Saturday, January 4, 2014

1000 Gifts (Eucharisteo) 590-604

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590.  the soothing melodies of Paul Cardall
591.  the precious jabber of Lil Birdie on the phone
592.  the rustle of Lynn at his desk
593.  the darkening rosy hued shadows of dusk
594.  sunlight filtering through the Christmas ribbons bedecking the holiday windows

595.  the sparkling niblets of fleshy oranges refracting the morning light... so juicily, deliciously  succulent

596.  Lynne's excitement in revelations on the new year
597.  my own oral reading of Andrew Wommack's new book on  A Better Way to Pray
A Better Way to Pray: Revolutionize Your Prayer Life, Revitalize Your Relationship  -     By: Andrew Wommack
598.  Lynn's sweet feet pattering up the stairs as  he carries my  freshly laundered clothes up from the laundry room for me
599.  Finding the sweetest, most handsome photo of  my dearest Daddy when he was  a teenager,,  hidden in the back of a drawer this morning

600.  the delightful satisfaction of  pulling a brand new sock straight from the wrapper onto   my foot
601.  the 'renewing' label on the velvety soothing body lotion bottle i found in my  stocking Christmas morning
602.  the inspiring challenge  found in Beth Moore's January newsletter  on her Living Proof blog... a must read  for all!
603.  The adorable Scottish tam I made from found items  for my sweetest friend, Dottie to wear to the Downton Abbey Premiere tomorrow  night... in costume, of course...
hehehehehe, last year, I  got all  prim and "propered " up to go....  tomorrow, we'll enjoy the premiere  quietly here at home.
6o4.  the soulful songs scrolling by as  I absorb the  luscious sounds of Pandora