Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday


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Up early to  take our   main vehicle to the body shop  for  repair  following   our fender bender...    a lovely morning...   high 70's low 80's!

Right now I am::: 
I am    delaying getting  up from this computer to go do some laundry!

Thinking and pondering::: 
I  still have  quite a lot to do to get the house clean for   Amanda and Birdie's visit....   get a move on,  Schotzy!!!!!

On my bedside table:::

my tablet getting a recharge!

On my tv tonight:::  
I  really  enjoy the old  reruns of Frasier   that come on  at 10pm on Hallmark....  a nice   wind down  show to   watch  and get nice and sleepy   right before bedtime!

Listening to:::
I am listening to  some of my homework... a sermon  that is   so  sweet..
"Experiencing The Tangible Benefits Of The Fatherheart Of God".

On the menu for this week:::

bbq  pork loin
chef salad
tomato basil soup
grilled chicken quesadillas

On my to do list:::
spring cleaning  up stairs... the bedrooms

    Plans for this week:::
Healing prayer class
visit my mom

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
not into it this week!  

My simple pleasure:::
listening to praise music

Lessons learned:
Living simply   and letting God   control my life is so freeing!

Looking around the house:::
I am so  sad....
this  gorgeous  basil plant I took   this photo of last week...   died.. it just shriveled up and died!

From the camera

Can you understand why I  can  hardly wait for these gals to  come  see us this weekend?

My  very favorite herb!

Prayer List:::
Our  home, family,    church,  and  nation

        Bible verse, Devotional::: 
I highly recommend  listening to  the above mentioned sermon....

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