Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lancaster, PA

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Lynn and I  just returned from parts north with our  church  group...First of all, we went to Lancaster, PA to see  the Sight and Sound production of Moses!
Awesome doesnt even begin to describe the  magnificence  of   it..We   spent  2  luxurious nights at the Amish View Inn..

Daytime View • AmishView Inn, Lancaster County PA
 our view of an Amish farm coming to life each day   was   enchanting...
the complimentary breakfast  far surpasses  any other   breakfast  we have ever  enjoyed anywhere..
A Great View • AmishView Inn, Lancaster County PA
 I cant think of anything   one would desire for breakfast  that wasnt offered!  And the coffee  is  phenomenal!
One of the other   activities we enjoyed was the American Treasure Tour in Oaks, PA, near Valley Forge.
"The American Treasure Tour is an all indoor massive collection of Americana from antiques to kitsch to pop culture. Two of our major exhibits are mechanical music  and classic preserved automobiles.  The mechanical music display includes hundreds of machines such as nickelodeons, band organs and music boxes.  In addition to seeing the sights you will hear the great sounds of the music of days gone by.  Additionally we have a jam packed display of animated store window advertising, dolls, doll houses, model airplanes, circus, patriotic, holiday items and many surprises."
Most of the museum is   seen from   a  comfortable tram ride through the  massive  refurbished   warehouse  that  was once  a tire factory.   
Every kind of old  collectible  automobile 
 or   state fair calliope with automated band,

my granny eye  was always looking  for things that would  tickle little Birdie's  fancy...

so many items that  brought back fond   memories of  days  gone by! 

even   the  recollection of Lynn taking me to see  Bonnie and Clyde on the big screen....   a real gangster car  with bullet holes to prove it!
after  our   joy ride,   we   listened to  over 25  orchestrions  made popular in the Victorian age,   usually  found in brothels,  saloons, and  bars.....  made by Wurlitzer,   these  wonderful musical  treasures  are  quite  something today with their rich finishes,   gorgeous leaded glass, and  original music.
  This turned out to be  quite  a lovely  way to while away a couple of hours   during one of the rainiest days of spring!

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  1. mickey mouse!! :-D video clip of moses was good too-- looks like quite the production with camels and animals all over!

    love you and hope you have a good week,


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