Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine Memories

Valentine's Day  is  such a great  holiday... nothing more preceious  than  showing your preferencefor others  in love... 
As a third grade teacher,    our classes  looked forward to    making the valentine  box,  
Image result for valentine boxes for the class
the best one I could find  (HEHEHE)  ours were always much better!
 then in later years creating their own  puppy  dog  valentine  holder made out of  2 paper plates and  construction paper...

  the valentine bulletin boards  bedecked in  red and pink hearts and  paper doilies     to  present  our best penmanship....
Image result for valentine bulletin boards for penmanship
 alas,  so few classes  hold lovely penmanship    of value  anymore!
But valentine's day  is   an expression  of all things  lovely...
roses.... petit fours.....  lace..... valentines'
Image result for petit fours
Image result for paper doiliesImage result for valentines
SO  now well into my sixties,  I enjoy  the valentine memories in my heart  over a    warming  cup of tea!

My  collection of  red transferwear is  a hodgepodege....   but I love  finding  choice  pieces in consignment /thrift shops. 

Meanwhile I pour out a cup of  Cinnamon Spice  on  this    brisk and windy day....  there is a hint of snow  in the wind!

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  1. What a lovely Valentine post! I love Spode china! Such a pretty pattern. I remember doing Valentine boxes when I taught kindergarten. Such fun for everyone! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. What sweet memories you have. I agree it is a shame about good penmanship falling by the wayside. When I was a girl I always enjoyed writing and I won prizes for it. Unfortunately my hands no longer work like they used to and holding a pen has become a chore rather than a delight. I adore your red transferware! I have a blue Spode teacup in that same pattern. I love your red! So very pretty! I like your toile tablecloth too. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea today and have a lovely week.


  3. Your Spode cup is lovely! While I appreciate the convenience of e-mail, I enjoy sending handwritten cards/letters to friends and family who are always delighted to receive "fun" snail mail.

  4. Hi: That is the best way to get tea cups you love. That's the only way I buy tea cups. I love the fun of hunting. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  5. You have a very pretty tablecloth with toile - love it and it goes so well with your Botanical teacup! I enjoyed your post and so glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea.


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