Monday, February 23, 2015

Who's That Hiding in the Daffodils

Who's that hiding  in the daffodils?

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The reds and hearts are all packed away and  the    bunnies are making their  return.. for spring is only 24 days away,,, and  even though  the  ground is white,     you've got to know that they are ready for spring,  and so am I!
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 The  soft greens of  spring  are so soothing to my  eye and    warms the room  with  the delicate  fragrance of   the  pre-eminent vernal pleasures  to come!
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The splash of yellow   puts a smile of each face  in anticipation of a sun drenched  mornings   just around the  corner...
 photo 2013-03-19031406_zpsc236ec63.jpg
A delightfully intimate   tea  for  my love and I  to just  enjoy a  morning break and  linger over our Earl Grey  and discuss  the momentous  events  that are upcoming  with  the changes in the weather  as  spring  makes its happy appearance!
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  1. so sweet and nice! table looks lovely!


  2. Wonderful! Spring is indeed coming...just say that 3 times fast!!! Love your daffodil teapot and especially your darling bunnies! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. What a fun spring vignette. Your bunnies are too cute!

  4. What a sweet table and such breath of spring!

  5. That little rabbit is so cute! Love this post! I am ready for Spring! Hugs, Martha

  6. What a lovely, hopeful table. Spring will be along soon.... especially welcome this year no doubt!!

  7. I am certainly ready for Spring! It's been the coldest and stormiest winter in many, many years.

    Your tea table is adorable and brings a smile to one's face. Love the daffodil teapot. It looks like a Sadler. Is it? The bunnies are so welcome too. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


  8. Wonderful spring vignette. Nothing says spring like bunnies and tulips! Happy Tea Day!

  9. How darling and cheerful! Looking forward to Spring!

  10. Lovely to see some Spring colors. I am finally starting to feel ready for Spring myself.


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