Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daily Pearls

Daily Pearls
Through my window: A rather lazy Sunday afternoon is just skittering by.... a wonderful breeze is wafting in the window, which negates the sunny bright heat that radiates off everything else.... the very tips of the maples are tinged in russet..the dogwoods are proudly primacy in their autumnal transformation....the sound of bouncing basketballs on the school pavement across the street punctuates the air. Occassionally, the revved up motors of sports and utility vehicles grind into action as revelers enjoy this fine, fair day..It appears to be a grand day for motoring as there is a steady stream of autos coming and going.

Through my door: It was delightful to leave for church this morning as we purposefully set out to attend our new Sunday School class.... and we will soon venture out back to church this evening to have an informal time with our new senior pastor as he quizzes us in an effort to get to know his flock...

Hearing: A lone dog has been barking rhythmically most of the afternoon, and aside from that, I am hearing the realtor closing up the Open House new door.... it is so sad to realize our good neighbors are gone and their home sits empty, dark, and so forlorn.... praying for a lovely retired couple to downsize and move right in.... the perfect home for that...

What's Cooking: Well, I don't plan to do any cooking tonight... tomorrow I will be cooking to take to a family from our class who is experienceing a terrible personal tragedy...

Hearth and Home: Mainly sprucing up the home for autumn... I did purchase a lovely pillow for the sunroom last week at Kohl's and I am stocking up on those waxless candles that run on battery... I just love those .. never more will I fear burning the house down, or scorching the hutch with a burning candle.... my one main paux pas of my early homemaking career.

Healthy Living: Well, in the morning I am leading our First Place Bible Study for Health and If I will just apply the lesson that I know in my mind to the intent of my heart and will it would really help me to overcome the pull of food in my flesh... and I would really begin to see the evidence of controlled eating in my life... plus I am hoping with the onset of cooler weather my friend and I will rededicate ourselves to walking.

Creative Corner: Blogging appears to be my main creative outlet thses days.

Healing the Nations a Study of Ephesians by Jim Tarter,
Revelation Bible study by Beth Moore
The Errors in the King James Bible by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, answers every major attack on the King James text, and demonstrated that no one ahs ever proved an error in the text... Interesting book...

Random Thoughts: Has anyone else begun to think that it may be prudent to start stockpiling food?

Praying: So many prayer requests for loved one, friends, for sicknesses, emtional problems, employment, finances, world problems, National problems, community problems, the election,our church and our pastor's transition, to know God's will for my life personally, .. the list goes on....

Planning: Have to take my parents up to the country one day this week for a funeral for my aunt.. dad's youngest SIL... time to see the family but under such sad circumstances...Praise God, Aunt Jeannette is with her heavenly Father today and all her pain is gone.

Simple Pleasures: I love the music on my blog... I keep it playing all day long.
I thank Harvest of Pearls for this meme! You might wish to visit her blog and enjoy her offerings today.

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  1. Praying with the family this week- especially on Tuesday. Give our love to everyone!!



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