Saturday, October 30, 2010

Occupy and Defend

I love this poem by Christopher because it depicts our spiritual battle we fight each and every day as we occupy the land God has given us and intercede for others... intercede for healing, deliverance, and blessings!

Walk out my front door
Into the battle zone
Not knowing if I will come home
Preparing for the fight that is upon me
My body trembling with fear
But my heart with the help of one stays clear
Fighting for their lives, fighting for their lives
I’m a soldier for my Lord
And I’m fighting for their lives
Armed with his word and love
I go out against the evil
That’s trying to bring me down
Temptation attacking
But my armor is defending
My heart is heavy
For the ones unprotected
I want to profess his love
But the battle zone is a sad place
He is offering the armor of love
But they ignore and choose to fight alone
I am only a messenger
But I love them so
So everyday I walk out that door
I live, I love, likes it’s my last
I live, I love, like my Lord has asked

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