Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy PINK Saturday!!
Every new season sends me merrily out to explore my favorite consignment shop, "Buy the Season". It is there that I love to just soak in the exceptionally decorated stalls seeking just that perfect accent piece or treasure. Even though pink is not usually my color of choice for decorating, I am always drawn to these very special stalls...
I mean who could resist this one?

A closer look reveals hidden delights that beg a closer examination

but, wait... look over there...
Maybe I do need to rethink some of my decorating color schemes,, I'm really digging this pink and green!
What do you think?
Enjoy PINK Saturday!!!

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  1. how pretty!! I could spend all day in a shop like that! I too wouldn't decorate much with pink..maybe a few accents here and there. But that's really about it! I do like the color...but in moderation! Or if I had a dressing room...I would deck that out in pink for sure!

  2. WOW! I wish I could jump through the screen and into those pictures...I would be in heaven. I love the pink with that heavenly green.....I have been using that soft, barely there green with my whites and pinks and I am loving it!
    Pretty,pretty post!

  3. What a lovely little stall. I went to an antique shoppe today with friends and saw some of the prettiest things to photograph. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful, I love the pink and green combos!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Carolyn.

    I would have been drawn in for a closer look, too. Pink makes a wonderful combination with so many colors, and pink and green is always refreshing.


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