Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Three or More Tuesday


All in a day...
last week  I took my tea to the porch   as the morning  sun   cast its  lovely  charms over the  landscape    and before the humidity and heat of the day   would  drive me  back indoors...  It  was a time of  dreaming as I  enjoyed my  Taste of Summer  tea  and perused my English Home magazine....and speculated about what my new neighbor  was up to in his landscaping project.....  which has ,  by the way,  been   quite lovely this summer!   
 My dreams  turned  to wondering about our own  yard that  had  been seeing  a bit of  stress in the summer heat  when  all of a summer a storm  popped up  which did indeed drive me into the house      and when I ventured out  later in the day  was  so  happy to experience the break in the humidity and  see the  happy foliage  singing  out  praises of their own to God....   He is  such a marvelous provider of all good things!!!!

 Tam at The Gypsy's Corner  who hosts this theme each week  is breaking for the summer,  but you can still visit her site for more  TOMT. 

Thre or More Tuesday

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  1. Your Tuesday sounds so peaceful! I have not heard of that magazine before. I will have to look it up. :)


    PS Please stop by for a delightful surprise!


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