Saturday, July 5, 2014

God Over All

    saluting the

 White, and Blue!!!!

First of all,  I am praising the Lord for the most gorgeous day...  from sunup til sundown,   I can't remember a more  spectacular day....  cool,   low humidity,   slight breeze....  Just the kind of day to begin and end the day on the porch!
My previous post  related  about our  day's beginnings....  we  continued our   placid  day in  just being together and  reveling in  the  environs  that God provided!
  By early afternoon  Lynn and I were  getting  a bit hungry again and I was so thankful for  the lovely  sirloin I found at the market this be honest at the price of beef,  we hadnt  actually bought any steak  for  some time....  IN my  attempt at being frugal  we had  enjoyed  stew beef  in  stews and soups only, and  hamburgers,  or  it's  yummy sauces...  But I  have been  very  prudent of the  pricier cuts of   beef....but this week they had prepackaged  thickly sliced  hunks  of  sirloin   just right for    shish-kabobs...
 with  the perfect amount of  marbling  to insure   savory,  juicy,   tender  bites!!
 the   spicy herbed marinade    was  the   perfect  paring with these morsels....
 A show on food network   reminded   me that   when ka-bobbing, it is best to  skewer the veggies  separately from the meat..
cubed potatoes  mixed with  a bit of OO and    dry onion mix  roasted for  about 30 minutes  rounded  out our  holiday meal! 
Just the perfect amount of char!!!
A simple arrangement  of holiday flair....   and my sweetheart by my side! 
  AW, these flavors  were so   wonderful..... 
How very thankful we are  for the opportunity to celebrate   our   national heritage....

at our  peaceful and  happy home! 
We  quickly  put things away and  hurried to  the  regularly scheduled Intercessors for America meeting that just happened to  fall on  this  prestigious  day.  We had so much  for which to  give thanks,  yet so much  for which to repent, and to intercede  for....  There was a glory about last night that  was tangible.
Prayer is so  important  in these days of uncertainty,  and  we especially,  are praying  that God's people will lay aside their differences  long enough to  t  become united  around the  One whom we all exalt!Then the long awaited revival  for America  may  erupt, and  as a nation we will see the positive changes we  all so long for!
  Father, God  gave Lynn  and I  perfect front row seats  at a secret  location  He drew us to  to   enjoy  fireworks for the first time in several years last night...

God Bless America, and GOd Bless  YOU!!

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  1. looks delish and so festive! you didn't tell me you got rid of the glider?! glad to see you've got more space now-- and you don't have to worry about stubbing your toes!

    glad you and dad had such a nice 4th together-- i had a memory of grilling and then waving sparklers around off the front porch. :)

    love you,


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