Monday, July 28, 2014

Thinking of My Daughter on Her Birthday

Birthdays are  wonderful mileposts,  especially  when 
celebrated  together,   but  when  your daughter  has a birthday  and she lives 12 hours away,   it is  bittersweet.... So many  birthday memories in July....  mine,,,  my dad's and  Amanda's  all in one month...  this was the first birthday  dad celebrated in heaven...  and now  Amanda is  5 states away...
So I created a  small vignette  to commemorate her  not only  as daughter but ,also,  as mother  to our  precious Birdie! 
My color theme is     cool effects of blue and green... but also,  it is inspired by Amanda's  birthday cup...
Pictured here  not only     our   sweet  little Puddin'n Pie 
Birdie,  but  the  July cup from the
Royal Albert Collection of   Months and   flowers....  and I  can surely tell you,   the Forget-Me-Nots  are  very  apropo!
  As  the  basis of the  vignette I started with   a vase of sweet daisies...I  utilized    the celadon vase I found at the consignment shop last month... the one with  birdies  embossed on it.
Here you can readily see   to  whom I am paying  my most heart  felt affections.... 
As I studied the room  after   arranging this   tablescape,  I realized  my  tribute to  the cooling   blues and greens  all around  the  living room...

Blue adornments on the sofa...
 my favorite blue flowers of all  scattered  here and there
As well as,   a living green in a blue and white planter...I must say,  my green thumb  has been     better   of late!

Bluebirds and    nests
nestling on the mantel! 

it all just makes me feel a bit closer to my  sweethearts who live so far away  at times like these.  But praise the Lord,   the countdown is   activated til  we will   give them both
  great  big hugs!

Until then I   have our  weekly facetimes!   AW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Happy  Birthday, Amanda!!!

Fancy white birthday cake with pink and yellow decorative flowers and eight burning candles

Also,  it  is my  great honor to be featured  here this week!

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  1. thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes and beautiful table scape. i love the celadon vase-- what a fantastic find!! it is bittersweet- i thought of pop-pop a lot on his bday... i remember times when we'd be making 3 cakes in the month of july! sweet times, but it was certainly a blessing to be able to share my birthday with little birdie for the first time :)

    love you and can't wait to see you!!!!!

  2. Love you, too... so much.... and we are counting the days!

  3. So pretty! And happy birthday to Amanda! I love your cool pallette and I love birthday month teacups! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. You did a beautiful job creating this special birthday. Happy Birthday to Amanda. I also have a daughter named Amanda which I, naturally, think is a BEAUTIFUL name.

  5. Oh, Beth, you a re so right... not only beautiful name but it means "worthy of love" which is exactly what we were thinking when we were waiting for her during the long months of the adoption process!

  6. Fun and pretty.... lots of loveliness. :) Thank you for sharing it with us.


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