Friday, July 4, 2014

God Bless America

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Happy  Independence Day
What a marvelous  day to celebrate  the founding of our  nation... Even though it is just the two of us today, we  are still  quite  into   the festivities!
Lynn hung the bunting  and   I  set  up the porch for  our   morning  repast...
The weather today is   nothing short of stupendous...  the air cool, the  breeze, crisp, the humidity, low!
The sky crystal blue... not one bit of summer haze!
The playground quiet and just  perfect for morning coffee and breakfast on the porch!!!!
I am loving the new serving cart  we picked up fora song at the yard sale....
The egg dish  was   a  great way to utilize my  tasty basil...  I diced up the  half  red pepper and half onion  I had left over   from last night.. then   saute'd  them  in the  skillet.  before adding 4 eggs,  1/4 c half and half,  seasoned with s/p  then  drizzled    1/2 c  parmesan  and  several leaves of  chopped basil  on top,  then  baked for  about  15 minutes..   it puffs up and    tastes  exquisite!!!!
      This goes very well with  crisped  slices of country  sugar cured ham which I    cook in the microwave.

  Our favorite summer  breakfast drink  is  orange juice cocktail...  half  juice/ half  soda water from our  soda stream, Amanda  got us for  our anniversary.....  LOVE it so much....  tastes exactly like  my favorite  Pellegrino!

Lynn  enjoyed  his apple butter on the leftover    snowflake rolls  we had  last night, while I   love  cinnamon English muffins!


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  1. Breakfast looks delicious. And you have a great view. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.


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