Friday, November 4, 2016


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Time is flying, isnt it!!!!
1.  I cannot believe it is already the end of the  first week of November...  for  us, literally Christmas, is  a few weeks away.
all I can say is thank goodness for  online shopping
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Looking for UPS  packages  from  Jacques Penney,  LL Bean,   Grandin Road, Amazon, an Old Navy.

2.  Thank goodness  the  Lord  actually  seemed to send us  to Walmart yesterday...  it was like  Christmas had just arrived there... the inventory was  fresh and  not one bit picked over... In an hour we  had  just about  all the stocking stuffers we could  haul to the car..
HUbs  consolidated  our shopping into bags  in the dining room.. so  soon I will be wrapping like a  paper, tape, and ribbon mad hatter!

3.  So  over the past couple of days I have finally gotten my sewing machine out.  I had to  study a couple of youtube videos on how to thread this new fangled machine...  after I got the  gist of it, I love it...  and  I  started  my  lil' project for  our  sweeties...
Ok,,   easy-peasey..  but    for me  it was a bit daunting... I  made a  darling  apron for our lil chef.. 
I need to  press it..  and you may have noticed  my  Christmas  snowflake print  fabric  that I only need to  finish some hand work on...  it is a table runner  for   when I use my  red transferware  dishes... 

I  have fabric  cut out and ready to go  for daughter's  gift...    but  not  quite up to  undertaking that one yet!!

4.Tonight  is the  last  area  Intercessors for America group meeting prior to the election..I cannot tell you how iomportant it is  to  be informed.. study the platforms,   and   pray  about this election...  and most of all.. VOTE!!!
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THis precious  baby doll  is  my impetus for  prayer and  doing all I can  to  insure  a  better  future  for  our nation and the world...  God is our only hope!!!


  1. Schotzy, I enjoyed this post very much. It made me want to get my sewing machine out. I like doing that in the winter while it is dark outside and we are snowed in. :) I should get some fabric for projects so that I can be prepared! :D
    Totally agree with being in prayer for this election! God is truly our only hope as we have moved too far from him as a nation. What a beautiful little grand!:)
    Being that I work in the Logistics side of WM I appreciate the fact that you had a great shopping experience lately! We work hard to keep the stores stocked and ready for whatever you need.
    Well, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. THanks for this very thoughtful comment...yes.. this election has become crazy.... my prayers for the next weeks is for the fear of God to fall upon this nation to convict against unlawful thinking and action!

  2. I got a new sewing machine several months ago that I am still intimidated by - it does a lot I am sure I have no idea about. It took me a long time to master threading it, but I think I've got that down now. I know the more I use it, the more comfortable I'll be with it, but sometimes I miss the old one I had for 35 years.

    You've got quite a head start on Christmas! I've got a little bit of one.

    I so agree about the importance of prayer for this election and our leaders.

    1. I am taking my daughter's fabric that I have cut out for a matching apron for her to her home over the holidays and helping her figure out her machine which is much like mine... and she said," Great, you can help me with some other projects I need to start and finish!" Whew!

  3. We make our decisions not for us or even our children, but for our precious grandchildren! Praying!

    1. I mentioned in a comment above and will repeat it here... let's us be sure to pray that the fear of GOd will fall on all voting precincts, and voters and all who may be planning unlawful acts that they will come under conviction and turn from their wicked ways!

  4. i refuse to do business with walmart but our target and michales and hobby lobby have some great Xmas deals already!

    yes we have got,to pray for our nation!! i am sooooo thankful my citizenship is in heaven!! God is in control. My oldest daughter and i will be voting as soon as she comes home from work in the mid day. this will be her first presidential vote. too bad the major party candidates are frightful!! lol. hubby will vote before work at 6:30 a.m. if he gets out the door! otherwise he will be in. along line after work!!

    great list of faves!!

  5. Little Chef's Aprons for kids...what a great gift idea! I'm almost done the Christmas shopping, there was a great craft fair this weekend and I got a lot of really neat stuff there. Felt good supporting the craftsmen and women instead of big conglomerates. I need to look and make sure I've got the wrapping supplies now.


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