Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Very Green Pink Saturday


First of all, I want to remind  Christians  of a post a shared recently  about  being  an Esther in times like these...  where we can do such a small thing like send our President a card of  appreciation.. just a simple postcard,  because  the  enemy of  our soul is  urging his followers to  do just the opposite  for the  upcoming Ides of March,  March 15th... So far I've sent 3  and  bought enough  stamps for  plenty more...So  you still have time to  pray about and  actually do this small thing for our president.  It is  our hope to flood  the White House with  cards  saying, "We  are praying for   you,  President Trump"
 But you stopped in   for some  Pink Fun...  But  I'm  all green these days...  with splashes of yellow!!!Our  February  was so unseasonal..  everything is in full bloom...  all the trees, ,     forsythia, and  all my daffodils  are  fully  bloomed out..  Well,  it got down to 24  last night  so  we  clipped about half of my blooms  and brought them in yesterday  which was  my impetus to break out the "Greens", as well! Having  travelled to Ireland   the spring of 2015  I  still  get  so excited  for mid March to approach so I can  recall the many wondrous  things we  enjoyed..
I just love daffodils...  they a re  such cheery flowers!! 
My  small but very meaningful collection of Irish,  Belleek, China , we actually received the  cream and sugar      items  45 years ago for our wedding!

My  girlfriend who  was also  in our  church tour of Erin,,and purchased this memento for us prayer Sista's  which is also, Belleek!  A blessing for the home!

I  have several daffodil  arrangements  around the house...  and thanks you, Lord,  the  frost didn't get  any of them last night!! 
 I only have one  Tara  china  irish teacup  so I have elevated it in a  place of honor!
 Daffodils in the living room.. they really make us feel that spring has sprung....  cold as it is, today!!!

 Some other items I  found charming  in Ireland  were the  coasters with Irish sentiments.  I bought the green rimmed plate last year. a idyllic Irish  countryside..
But the  hot plate  was purchased in Dublin..  I love the Celtic harp! 
This sentiment on a coaster  really speaks to  my spirit..
"Dance as if no one were watching,
Sing as if no one were listening,
Live everyday  as if it were your last" 
And my new favorite  toast,
(Pronounced Slawn-che)

 "good health"

                                             Pink Saturday

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  1. I love the daffodils in the living room - quite spring-ish and very seasonal :)


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