Monday, March 27, 2017

The Simple Woman Day Book

For Today..March 27,2017

Outside my window...

I have not written on my blog for two weeks....  we have been enjoying our visit with our children and New England,....  so it is rather chill,  wet, and snowy here...  In many places there are still several inches of snow!

I am thinking...
How marvelous it is to be here and to be able to help as we can to watch the girls, age 1 and 3,  and give some aid to our daughter.  Like now,  she is able to take the older sweetum to a play date, while we stay home during morning nap time.

I am thankful...
for lady  bugs and special tea parties with homemade hats.

I am wearing...
since it is  so cool here  I'm still wearing my flannels and my navy sweater.

I am creating...
simply working on  this blog.... in between  many  fanciful interruptions of the blessed kind!!!

I am wondering..
if I will ever get to go to  my favorite  shop...Home Goods... I only get to  shop there when we  visit  here...I know there is something there with my name on it.

I am reading:: 
Redeemed,  a Bible Study by Angela Thomas Pharr.
Redeemed Bible Study Book   -     By: Angela Thomas-Pharr

Desire to fully live the life of the redeemed 

Welcome change as God slowly transforms you into His image 

Increase your passion for God’s Word 

Apply redemption to your life in practical ways 

Learn alongside other women and support each other through prayer and small group community 
Learn to lean upon Jesus for your real help and hope 

I am listening....

a bit of a fussy   toddler who  doesn't  want to  settle in for a rainy day's nap time!!!

I am learning...
Sit still and wait on the Spirit  to move in in some areas of  decision....   and perhaps  his best  solution for me is to just say "No"!

I am hoping...

to get to go see beauty and Beast with  our daughter... we so loved the cartoon version when she was   a youngster....   

In my garden... 
at home the grass is greening and  growing  and I'm sure Hubs will be  mowing as soon as we  get back!!!

In my kitchen...
we will be   having  grand child's fav... pigs in a blanket, salad and  a bit of  gelato for dessert.... well, we did eat very well over the weekend!!!

A favorite quote/scripture for today..

One of my favorite things...
enjoying looking at garden plans..
these raised gardens  are found at Houzz!

Cedar Raised Garden Bed
I would love to have a raised  veggie garden....

Raised 3-Tier Cedar Garden Bed

Board Room
Here is my bulletin board on raised gardening:

for example.....

Hold no grudge,,, just

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