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For Today~ August 22, 2016

Looking out my window... 
My beautiful rosemary is all    bend down  from the deluge of rain we'd  had this weekend.and it isn't over yet!!!

 Hubs will really have  a ton of grass to mow later in the week...  but everything is certainly   a  lovely Irish green!!!
I am thinking...
It is a  great  thing that  Hubs  put those drains in  by the back door...  the  way  our  back walk  is  a bit lower than the back yard,  all that water would be seeping under the door!!!  Our sweet daughter  actually messaged me last night to remind  Hubs to  clear the drains!!!  I love how she  is always thinking of ways to  help us even  several states away!   Bless her little pea-pickin' heart!!

I am thankful..
Every morning  when  I  come  sauntering into the kitchen  Hubs has my morning libations ready for me   all for  my morning pleasure!!  If he isn't the best, I don't know  who is!!!

I am wearing...
Still in my PJ's  I mean  no where to do today!!!  Praise  the lord!!!

I am watching.....
Escaping to the Country  ...BBC  Youtubes  .. I am  also thankful  we have  our  large tv  hooked up to  internet....because  I  just  don't like much on  cable tv.  I   love this   wonderful   programme!
I am  reading...
I am still  working on  my Redeemed Bible Study by  Angela Thomas Pharr....  wonderful!
We  joined  Friends of the Library last week..  and went to the Used Book Sale... 

 I was delighted to find  these  latest    books  by Jan Karon..  I  have read all of  her  beginning books on Mitford and  am thrilled to add that  years ago in the beginning of the  Mitford    craze  I  became an active member of the    Mitford Bulletin Board group and met  scads of great  friends  from all over the country.   We now have a  lovely private group  on face book and  Id say  most of my   fb friends are  Mitford-ites!  If you love Mitford like I do,  don't hesitate to  request membership in  that face book group  and then you might also  get invited to the    Through the Hedge  online  group... We  have found over the years  that  rogue  people like to infiltrate    groups to stir up trouble so we are  pretty careful about  entry,  but  love  true fans.

I am listening to...
Pandora and  the current  song is from Lord of the Rings...
I am hoping... 
that when I finally go to the ENT doctor tomorrow  he can do something to help with my sinus allergies....  I have suffered long enough  this season...  

I am learning...
to   find my complete  satisfaction and  hope in the Lord.

In the kitchen...
Our mid-morning meal of the day  features  breakfast food..

these  heart  healthy  biscuit drop biscuits   were   divine...    with  a  smear of butter and apple butter!!!  Hubs was   ecstatic!!

In my garden~
In last night's  episode we watched from  Escape to the Country...   the family was seeking  a home in the Welsh Borders... and along the way the host had  arranged for them to visit a  horticulturalist  to give them  tips on  developing their own English garden..  They visited  an English lavender farm  and  learned  all about the benefits of lavender..  I  heard  that  a bunch of dried lavender hung  around your outside  areas  deters   mosquitoes...So now  I  am  anxious to  get myself to the  greenhouse and   pick up  scads of  English lavender...

Board Room
To find out more about lavender  visit my board.
Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family. Its aroma has been shown in human studies "to slow down heart rate, slow blood pressure and put you in a parasympathetic state, which is a relaxed state," says University of Miami School of Medicine scientist Tiffany Field, who has studied the effects of lavender on relaxation and sleep.

The smell of Lavender~ the natural perfumes of nature to help achieve peace of mind and joy from life.

Shared Quote
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A moment from my day...
aw, the charms and  woes of living in  an older home.
Sometimes I walk around our  home  and  am filled with   the delight of knowing how the Lord has blessed me to  live in  a place that  resounds so mightily in my heart... I love  English cottage  and  we live in an English Tudor built in the 1030's and     it does exude that charm I so love.
 But there are woes a plenty...  like  the  very  good    older  furnace  that  probably heated this home for  40 years  and the  water  heater,  also a relic from the 70's,  both  kicked the bucket recently...They just don't make 'em like they used to! It is great knowing we are now  eco-efficient  and  clean  burning,  but  the   combined costs  have  robbed me  yet again of my  hoped for  beach trip, I  was so   looking  forward to...we are now 11 years    since our last trip to Myrtle Beach...
I can't complain though...  We  have  done some  great  things in those 11 years... gone to Ireland, gone several times to see our  daughter's  family in eastern Massachusetts... installed  plantation  shutters  in several rooms,    remodeled the kitchen  and  have  bid  in for  bathroom remakes.  And I have a couple other bucket list trips  in my head  to save toward... so the next time  we go to  Eastern Mass,  I will tell  Amanda  I need to spend  a bit of time  by the sea!!
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Closing Notes
I hope I don't sound too complainy, because God has been soooo good to me!
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