Monday, April 17, 2017

Simple Woman Day Book

For Today..April 17,2017

Outside my window...
I  am  really hoping for rain.  First of all, we are   getting rather  dry....    and  my allergies  are really pulling me   down!!

I am thinking...
It is  rather nice to  be able to look at my calendar  and see  that  this week  is  a much slower paced week... last week  was  a bit  CRAZY!

I am thankful...
to  have been able to enjoy     the  last weekend,,  Easter weekend so much..  just the two of us.   Hubs sang in  the  Passion service    and  the music was  so rousing.. so  praiseful.  Then  we got to enjoy  seeing our daughter online  play her violin in  their  church  in Boston..we are so proud of her. Then  most amazingly of all.  I came home and actually  cooked a full  Easter dinner for the two of us.  I  had to defrost the chicken.. thankfully,  it was    very thinly sliced, peel those tators,  and    devil those eggs.

  And I must  say  it was  very tiring , but I just kept thinking of   Grandma and mama  who did it every Sunday...

Hope your Easter was  blessed!!
I am wearing...
My   morning  clothes....  a long  shirt over my pjs,  ha!

I am creating...
no  plans to do anything this week...   but I  will share my  very simple  Easter decor  around the house.

My  dear mom and dad were  great  wood crafters  and I enjoy  many  hand painted  treasures around my house.  These  two    bunnies on wheels,
Mrs. Bunny, 
 Junior and Papa to name a few at Eastertide!!

I really enjoyed perusing the  Easter aisle  at  Walmart     to find eggs and grass
  I was  very excited to find this  gorgeous bunny plate for the wall hanger   
And this one I  found in a  shop in Lancaster, Pa last  spring!! 

I am wondering.
I wonder if I will  feel like  filling the   backdoor planters...  the plants are ready to go!!

It is just these   horrid allergies and sinus  headaches!   I could use some prayer  over them. Now  that I cannot  take  allergy shots  due to  my medications I    am    completely at the mercy of Singulaire,,  and  it  just isn't   cutting  it!!!

I am reading:: 
Redeemed,  a Bible Study by Angela Thomas Pharr.
Redeemed Bible Study Book   -     By: Angela Thomas-Pharr
This  Bible Study is  awesome  and  surprisingly  deep for a 6 week study.   We are also  reading through the Psalms and  praying   through them...  It is  a wonderful  study!!!
 I also just finished 
Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtiss Higgs.
Amanda gave it to me for Christmas and   what a delightful read!!!  Quite a page turner!!
I love   Ms Higgs.  Saw her at a Women's conference a few years ago, her mix of humor and  Godly teaching  is a delight as well!!
I am listening;;;;
Instrumental Praise station on Pandora...  right now..  Come Thou Fount
I am learning...
trying to really practice  taking every  ungodly thought captive and   laying at the foot of Jesus!!
I am hoping...
to  remember to get my  subscription card filled out and  the remittance  sent to  start receiving  Magnolia magazine... 
We received this  supplement in another   periodical  over the weekend  and it offer a charter  subscription price of 2 years for $30.00.  Which is regularly  $20 for one year.  But it is  an exciting  compilation of  design,  indoor/outdoor ideas,  recipes, and  inspirational articles.. I need to get that mailed today!!

In my garden... 
Our 'Lil Gardener stands sentinel over  things...  He is a great  helper...
We  really enjoyed our peony tree this year.    it hosted over 20 blooms..  each larger than a dinner plate!! 
The azaleas have  been radiant this year....     the color  is   so vibrant!

I love it when all the  azaleas and  dogwoods compete!!!

In my kitchen...

A bit of  Easter    brightens  a corner in the kitchen...  He,  also,  cheered me on yesterday while I was peeling those potatoes!!

A favorite quote/scripture for today..
Image result for he is risen
One of my favorite things...Last week I shared  a BBC  show  we love. Escape to the Country..  I also love, The Great  British Baking Competition!!Also, seen sometimes on PBS  and  now Netflix!

Board Room
Here is my  Board on highlights of places I have traveled along the East Coast, Germany, Netherlands, and Ireland.
       Morning sunshine, with Virginia Tech's Burruss Hall in the background.   One of my favorite spots on campus :)    the college where our daughter spent 6 years  studying for her  degrees  in  Biological Research..

Lee Chapel, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA

 a gorgeous chapel  where  I took my  students  on field trips  for many years 
Dunlewy Church ruin in County Donegal, Ireland, in the Poisoned Glen at the foot of Mount Errigal.
One of the most outstanding views  we   saw  on our  trip to Ireland in County Donegal.. my favorite spot  of all in Ireland!

Jumping Rocks Photography catches the sense of place and what you will experience at the Bufflehead Cove Inn in Kennebunk, Maine
A favorite  spot to relax along the Kennebunk River
Lough Eske Castle Donegal Top 16 Most Beautiful Wedding Castles in Ireland
or sleeping in a  castle in Killarney
Must visit the Top Of The Hub Restaurant in the Prudential Center
or dining at the top of the world in Boston
Black Forest, Germany
Driving  through the Black Forest  on the  Hochstrasse!
The beautiful Keukenhof gardens in the Netherlands
Walking  the  Keukenhof in  the Netherlands.
boating the canals of  Amsterdam
I must say I wish we  had been  doing this at twilight..  how  gorgeous is this??

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