Monday, November 15, 2010

Mosaic Monday

I dont know that this qualifiesa s a real mosaic, but it sure does express deep felt feelings within me and my husband... meet Meredith Maple.. Yes, we name our trees that we plant.. We talk to them, pet them, and encourage them to grow, because we just can't wait to see them reaching up toward heaven.
When we bought our home 22 years ago the advertizement in the homes magazine said, "Park-life yard" ..
We termed it a diamond in the rough because even though it was verdantly, amply landscaped , it was so overgown and ill-kept we didnt even know what we had until we started getting in there and pruning it back and uncovering the beauty that had been left to itself over many years.. the ravages of flood, wind, storm, and time had taken its toll and Id say we've lost or had to cut down at least 25 trees, but we have replaced many, many of them .

But the tree we're are placing here is different... The orginal tree stood stately beside our rear entrance... offering us its wonderful cooling shade during the long hot summer days... our daughter used to love to rake this tree's leaves and run and jump into the pile she had so painstakingly created.... it was in this tree that her dad had erected a rope swing where she wiled away many an afternoon dreaming of days to come.... so that when 3 years ago it started to show severe distress from the drought, along with the impact of its mighty age... it was apparent we'd be having to replace her and we have with another majestic maple...
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  1. AW, tell Dad it doesn't look like it's sticking out of the ground that much. However, the garage is leaning,so maybe the picture is a a little skewed. Purdy cute though!

    Love you,


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