Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Ponderings


Oswald Chambers said," Common sense is not faith and faith is not common sense. Let me say, I believe God will supply all my needs and then he will let me run dry with no outlook and see whether I will go through the trial of faith or sink back to something lower... what a quote for times like these... uncertain time, for sure.... I'd say the outlook on the horizon now seems rather grim.... hard to know what to do... in a group on church and society, our commitee had invited a speaker whom we are looking to invite to the church for a teaching on Christian responsibility in our world, and after we discussed the current situation, we went further to brainstorm some possible outcomes of this disintegrating society, and one topic included stock piling food... not just for our own family, but also in order to share with others. One wonders, is it time to begin thinking along that line,, thankfully, the result of this election hopefully will stay the hand of the enemy, who has appeared to be trying to rob us of our christian culture and freedoms... hopefully, we can place that thought of stockpiling food in reserve, and focus instead on living our lives in such a way as to demonstrate the love of Jesus and really affect change in our communities that will go far in pushing back the gates of hell and promoting christianity in the world. Therefore, the time for complacency is over, and its time to wake up and love one another, stand for righteousness and God's Truth, and instead stockpile acts of kindness that allow the Light of the world to shine through us!


  1. Wow... the Spirit has really been moving in you this week! :)

  2. Thank you for these interesting thoughts. I loved that quote by Oswald Chambers and you are so right that it is perfect for this season in the life of our country!


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