Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Today the snows came and the inspiration teamed up with the opportunity to get a lot done around the house. It was marvelous to get the Christmas cards and wrapping completed... thus my dining room table has been reclaimed!

That was the first step... then the decorating could begin in earnest!
Since I'm not using the garland on the mantle, I like it here!
This arrangement inspires me to consider a Christmas Tea this year! HMM!
Last week the mantle looked like this:
But , eh, I wasnt quite happy with that! So, today it looks like this!
I have always loved those snow villages, and my collection isnt quite as great in number, but I do love the pieces I do have and I like them on the mantle this year! I even got to start a bit of something in the sunroom, usually my last room to work on during this season,,, At least, this is a start!
And then evening fell, and the house was aglow! Now that's what I really like!

It is such a good feeling to be this far along... for my goodness, the kids will be here in exeactly one week! Oh, I cant wait!

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