Monday, December 6, 2010

Three or More Tuesday


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Today our Builder's Bible Study group celebrated our friendship and the season by going to luncheon at our gorgeous Hotel Roanoke.

This fabulous grand hotel is a landmark in our fair city and holds a special place in every heart here in the Star City... and no time offers a more glamorous visit than around Christmas.

The door men stand sentinel in crisp livery waiting to offer the finest in southern hospitality and service. The grand lobby situated on several levels hosts elaborately festive adornment in December...
But today our destination was the Regency Room for their marvelous holiday buffet.
The dilemma was trying to decide if we wanted to be good and order soup/salad and dessert or the whole shebang including roast beef, a delectable t chicken with veggies simmered in a delicately savory sauce over delicious penne... and to die for crab/shrimp cakes.... well you might can tell that I went for the shebang but I only had a caesar salad and 2 of the crab cakes and a side of broccoli and my dark chocolate silk pie with my cup of robusto... well, I mean we were celebrating...
And you can see we were gorgeous in our holiday finery and were definitely in our festive state of being... it was a lovely day! After luncheon we strolled around the hotel enjoying all the yuletide vignettes! This lovely tree was provided by the Boy Scouts...
Well, there were trees everywhere... decorated by the many service organizations around the valley... it was a tremendous day of fun, fellowship, and beauty. We topped it off by strolling around the city market peeking inside gift shops and picking out greenery to bring home. I bought a strand of pine roping to decorate the back entrance to our home! But that will be another post later this week! I also have a super surprise to share about on another day... but it will have to wait until closer to Christmas! HO HO HO!

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