Thursday, December 9, 2010

Marvelous Festive Day

I love a day like today. It started out well, listening to my favorite conservative radio host, Bill Bennett on Morning in America on KSKY radio... chatting with my online friends about the radio topics and the weather and the season... and then preparing food to take to our senior chorale function. Our group, the New Spring Singers entertained the folks at Pheasant Rodge this morning with a medley of festive songs.. We were all dressed to the nines in our red and green garb and bangles... and it was just a marvelous time of sharing love with the folks there... then we were most priveleged to have our luncheon at Linda's home... such an amazing and gracious hostess..
Situated atop a ridge on the outskirts of town this home enjoys 360 views that blow your socks off.Photobucket
Linda makes feeding 40 seem like a breeze..Photobucket
Christmas is such a fun time of year and the decor is absolute delight, and at Linda's everything is just perfection!Photobucket
Church friends and church food is the best!

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