Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Stay at Home Mom hosts this each week.

The weather in my neck of the woods
the remnants of lee are  invading Southwest Virginia  today  with threats of  flash  floods
but the temps are  moderate, humid...  quite muggy outside on the porch this morning

Things that make me happy:
I got to have a video call with my  special  facebook friend, Nora  in Manchester, England this morning.    That was extremely fun!  Well,  I saw and heard her...   which was  great for me,   but   being just one sided  wasn't  all it could be. Now I am ready to  get a webcam!

Book I'm reading:
The Normal Christian Life, by Watchman Nee
The Secrets of Intercession  by Andrew Murray
Metabolism Miracle

What I'm enjoying on TV:
  I  just  don't  like  much of anything on tv these days  unless it is an occasional old movie

On the menu for dinner:
  NO plans yet....  give me time!!

On my To Do List
Monday- today is Lynn's  first weekday  since retirement   so we're trying to work out life together... it is wonderful,  but  different!!!    And  with my looming surgery next week,   our immediate plans  for  our week  are  changed a bit
Tuesday-allergy shot,marketing, 
Wednesday-  personal prayer  time  church dinner- adult Bible Study
Thursday- Senior breakfast  at church, pre-op  testing ,  ladies'  evening
Bible Study
Friday- Lynn to doctor
Saturday-     meet at Lynne's house for some  Sista time  

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:

Looking forward to this week:
I ahve had  issues all summer with my  health  which are culminating in surgery next week.   followed  by abut 6 weeks of recovery....   it will be wonderful to get this all behind me.... 

No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):

Today  marks  the real beginning of our lives together in retirement  and  seeking to live our lives in accordance with God's will....  living with a dedicated purpose.. not  for ourselves  but  for  the Lord....
On my mind:
It is interesting that  the Lord has  brought  Lynn and I to this place  with  this  health issue  standing in the way of being able to move forward in the manner in which we had heretofore planned....     We never know  from one week to the next what  we will really be doing... the best laid plans of men.....  but  I know   that in God's master plan  He is preparing us for the next step in our lives....   teaching us about faith and  how  he  provides and  takes care of us....  how to trust Him more....  so  this is a very exciting time in our lives!

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verse

“I know I need to read the Bible and pray—just like I need to eat vegetables, exercise, and balance my checkbook!”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss: We do need a daily devotional time—even more than we need those other things.
A verse from the Song of Solomon radically altered the way I view my devotional life. The king in that story says, “Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.” He goes on to say, “Let me see your countenance; let me hear your voice.”
Just like that king, God wants to hear your voice. That’s astonishing to me. I have to say, “Lord, why would you want to see my face? Why would you want to hear my voice?”
I still don’t understand why God wants to meet with me. But the fact remains. God enjoys spending time with me and with you! Have you spent time loving Him today?
“I don’t really balance my checkbook like I should, but I do eat vegetables.”
With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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  1. What a whole new world that will open up for you now. It certainly takes some adjusting to but great. Enjoy & good luck with the surgery.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~


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