Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY   September 11,  2011 ( I am posting today  because this week is going to be necessarily
very full)
Today marks the tenth  anniversary of the day  that  changed America... in my humble  opinion. ...  for  on that  fateful  Tuesday 10 years ago   when our  enemies  pummeled our  nation  using innocent lives as battering rams on domestic flights  to create as much  pain and suffering  as   4 separate incidents could possibly do...   our nation  turned to God    and  cried out for mercy   i n repentance...   Now  10 years alter,   God isnt even invited onto   a national memorial  of  said events.... what does this say about  how far we have fallen as a nation...   it speaks to our utter  downfall  of society  which  grieves me in my heart and soul...   that  fateful day dawned  crystal  clear...   the sky a most gorgeous  azure blue.  Today our sky is  hazy, spattered with cloud...
I am thinking... how much longer can God  withhold  His judgment  against us...   a nation  built on godly principles  yet has  come to such a place where  God and  prayer  in His precious  Son's name is    considered offensive.....  I cry out to God  in my  travail over this....   I cant even  watch  the  memorial  on tv today...   I prefer to  review the  events  as they  happened form  first accounts  when  God   was  so much on the hearts and minds of our people...
I am thankful...that  I know the Father and  that he knows me....I hear  His voice and I follow Him...  the Lord  is my Shepherd I shall not want..  he maketh me to lie down in green pastures... He leadth me beside still water,,, He restores my soul.....   This words  are such  a  succor to me  as I  approach Tuesday  and the day of my  surgery...   fro I know  that He is with me ,, His rod and His staff they   comfort me!  Moreover,,,  surely goodness,  and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!  Now that is  certainly  much for which to be thankful!

In the kitchen...Tonight since  our children are coming ...YAYAYAYAYYA...  we are  celebrating  birthdays...  Lynn's  for Oct...  Amanda's    Gotcha Day in November, and Joshua's as well in Nov.  So we are having delicious  bar be cue ,   homemade   bent Mountain  cole slaw,  baked beans,  broccoli, and  butterscotch  pecan cake....   now that does sound yummy!!!

I am wearing..brown short and  a tan  shirt and sandals

I am creating...a cozy  homey atmosphere for our dear children to come home to

I am try to have just a wonderful peaceful family day tomorrow   because  Tuesday  mid morning  I report to Memorial Hospital  fro my  surgery and will  be there until  Thursday evening
    Anyone who chances to read this please send along a prayer for an uncomplicated  procedure and recovery please.. I would truly appreciate  that!
I am wondering...about all the unknowns  following  a surgery
  you know those what if's that  plague one in the middle of the night... or  just what should one expect  while  trying to  go just the most menial of tasks...  I'll be so glad  to  just  get this behind me!!!

I am reading...I have so many books started  I dont know what to try to take with me to hospital or if I truly will want to read anything  this week
   I may just take  a magazine..  I got a marvelous magazine named  Blue Ridge Country  Exploring the Mountains of the South...  because I  fully intend to  take a nice  long ride  as soon as I possible can...  to get out and see something  wonderful of God's  creation!
just like these  taken  last year  about that time!

I am hoping...  to  be  sufficiently recovered  by  one month from surgery date  so that Lynn and I can take a day trip  up the valley with my  dear church  family!

I am looking forward to...Amanda and Joshua's visit....   God is so good to work  out the details of our lives  in advance  that  Amanda  and Joshua  could be here  at no  inconvenience to them or   their jobs    this week...

I am hearing...Rudy Guiliani reading from the book of Ecclesistes    on  the radio   programming of the  memorial today in New York....   Now that is another blessing...  that  Christians  will not be deterred form  government  mandates....   the voice of one crying in the wilderness   will not be deterred!

I am pondering...  whether  to have ice cream  with our cake or not...   decisions...decisions

One of my favorite things...
of course it is  exuberant expectation... Amanda will be here in5 and a half hours!!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

  • birthday celebrations
  • breakfast with my family out on the porch and  a special  family day  filled with  joy and  fun activities
  • surgery  and 2 and 1/2 days in hospital
  •   homecoming and   recuperation  with my family  around me   that is such a blessing

Here is picture I am sharing...

  Aw last Thursday at then senior breakfast at church   two  fresh retiree were     admitted into the group...  Lynn and  our  friend Bill,  my dear  friend Dottie's  brother!      it was a wonderful occasion!

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  1. Saying a prayer for you right now, dear friend. May God ease your heart and guide the surgeon's hands.


    Mrs B


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