Monday, September 19, 2011

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FOR TODAY   September 19,  2011
Outside my window....
A very  cool and  dark  day  is  drawing  me to the window...   but I do   enjoy   the  peacefulness of such days.....   but  I dont feel  exactly  like  tasting the damp air  quite yet
I am thinking... wow.....   I have been home from the hospital now  since Thursday evening....  having had a total hysterectomy  because of  a  uterine tumor, last Tuesday,  I am  amazed  at how  I have gotten along
I am thankful...for so many blessings!!!  Firstly, that  we moved the surgery up a week  and  I am this far along to recovery... otherwise I was expecting to have had it  tomorrow...   Thankful that it worked out that Amanda would be here with me  the week of  the surgery and  was able to see me here at home a couple of days  after I came home..  little blessings form God along the way that demonstrated his faithfulness,  provision, and  love for me  and  proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that  if I  put my total trust in Him,   that all things will work for my good!

In the kitchen..o.h my goodness,,  in my kitchen  are the  blessed  gifts of so many  wonderful  brothers and sisters  in Christ...  soups, and delicious    dishes,  casseroles,  fruits, veggies,   desserts.... wholesome  comforting and  healthy  made by loving hands  and delivered with  such  sweet  loving  friends.....  my kitchen has never ever  been so blessed!

I am warm  soft  black  knit slacks and  a  comfy  tee

I am creating...  not much...  but  in my mind's eye,  I am   imagining  a  day when  all my pain and aggravation that I have had over the past few months will be gone and I will   be  feeling better than I have in a very long time!

I am be getting a call today with  a  pathology report....   I  am expecting a good report  based on what the surgeon said....   but prayers are  requested, too.

I am wondering...about how God  works...  we know from His word that His ways are higher than our ways,,,  His wonders  to perform... and he does perform  such  wonders   it is  a blessing to be able to look beyond circumstances and see His hand at work....  in the details...   and   as He uses  others  to   demonstrate His love to us.....   in  such ways that  are  unbelievable,,,   sweet,   sometimes  humorous,   and always  awesome!
I am reading...Can not focus to read  anything  lately  except the   3 page  directive    from  my physician...   hoping to stay on course  for  the best  recovery   I can!  

I am hearing...Albert, the white standard  poodle next door....   he is greeting me with his  usual, " boof,,  woo woo woo woof!"

I am pondering...  well,  one thing I am learning  during this  healing process,, the less pondering I do,,  the better off I am...  letting go and allowing God to work in my life  ... letting him drive while I sit back and enjoy the ride..that is  best for me right now!

One of my favorite things...
remembering just how sweet people have been this week....   foremost, Lynn  my dear  husband, and caretaker....   thankful  too, that  God's timing is perfect...   he retired  from  work  one day before I went to the hospital...Amanda's  ministrations last week  were  so dear....   to see her  in her take care of mom mode...   such  a blessing and  touched me deeply....   church friends,,,,  who have called, visited,   given food,   prayed....   allowed God to show His love for me  through their  acts of kindness and  generosity....  wow  have I learned  so much about  how  bad I have been in this area......    I am not heaping condemnation on myself really  but I have learned how much it  does matter  being the happy recipient of all of this and I know now  how lacking I have been  been   ....
  online friends  who  have touched me  even from afar...  I have friends  I have only met through  face book, blogging, and  Mitford, a wonderful  bulletin board from the Mitford book series....    yet  God has used these  wonderful folks to  shower me with  blessings of friendship, compassion,   and love in spectacular ways.....    I wont go into it here, but I must  give  some credit to some folks,  my  sweet young  friend in Florida  who  lifted my in prayer along the way,   but  my dear friend Kevin in  the Uk  showered me with  an amazing  facebook gift   that  blew my socks off   so unexpected and  so dear!!!!   Ivan,  who lives in Sweden  has  prayed for me every day  and    and if anyone knows  my  friendship with Ivan  that is  so   tremendous....Allan,  my  dear  brother in Christ  in Illinois  has  blessed me with his dear friendship and  encouragement  all throughout this process  with  scriptures and  quotes and  just his special humor  that keeps me looking up...   prayers and thoughtful  blessings form the "Hedge"  friends..   getting  webcam  visits from  Nora in England....   The Chambers family in Northern much like family   they a re to me....    so much fun and how each have  brightened each day!     my  online life is  awesome! God has  brought  such  fabulous friends into my  life  hand picked just for me!
A few plans for the rest of the week:
  • recovering a little bit more each day
  • keeping up  with Beth Moore's   Inheritance  Study    thanks to  my dear Sista, Lynne,   for  helping me  not get behind
  •  writing    thank you notes  that hopefully  tell how  appreciative I am to everyone
  • returning  to the doctor's office  on Thursday for my followup  

Here is picture I am sharing...

  This is  a  small goal I have set for myself.. I m looking so forward to getting out into the world....   to see  God's magnificent  creation.....
   to take a ride     with my  retired husband.. to  set out in the car with no particular place to go  just  ride and see something new....  experience freedom  and a new beginning in our lives are a newly retired  couple...   that is what I have looked forward to  for  so long  and  even though  the Lord  placed this hurdle in my life  to prolong  this  for a time...   obviously there is something  here for me to know about Him   as we  move forward into this new phase of our lives.....

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  1. Yay! Glad to see you up and back at it again. Hope you've had a wonderful day-- and been moving around a LOT!

    Love you,


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