Monday, September 26, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


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FOR TODAY   September 26,  2011
Outside my window....
a  rather   gray, cool day  has been the Lord's  gift to me... this is exactly the kind of day that suits me best  when I am in recuperation mode...  it is as if  everything is  just resting and  waiting  for  the  powers taht  be  to  say... ok,  Carolyn...   get going....  for now... I'm content to just rest  quietly.

I am thinking...
now that it is day  13  of my recuperation from surgery,  I  am noticing   several changes....   I do still think  I'm improving a little more each day, and I am so thankful of God's provision of  the great report and His ever present help along the trying early days following surgery...but little things occur during this lengthy process that seem to give me pause to wonder....   oh, if only I could keep my focus on my redeemer!!!
In the kitchen..o.h my goodness,,  in my kitchen  are the  blessed  gifts of so many  wonderful  brothers and sisters  in Christ...  soups, and delicious    dishes,  casseroles,  fruits, veggies,   desserts.... wholesome  comforting and  healthy  made by loving hands  and delivered with  such  sweet  loving  friends.....  my kitchen has never ever  been so blessed!

I am pink and white striped tee and shorts today....  comfy is still the word for fashion

I am creating...  not much...  but  in my mind's eye,  I am   imagining  a  day when  all my pain and aggravation that I have had over the past few months will be gone and I will   be  feeling better than I have in a very long time!

I am have what I  believe to be my final followup with the surgeon at week's end  That is something to look forward to!!!

I am marvelous it is going to be  when  all of this is a distant memory and  I can  evaluate  my   self and say  wow,  I feel better than I have in years!!!

I am reading...still cant focus too much  yet...but I do hope soon, because I have a huge  reading  wish lsit

I am hearing...Lynn in his office listening  to RUSH  talk radio...   this is what  I  have been looking forward to for so long... Lynn happy here at home  as he is now fully retired from work....

I am pondering... yippee,   with my  lack of interest  in eating lately I have lost 13 pounds in the past couple of weeks...  Im pondering  Ok  now  how  can I structure this  new appetite  to be ongoing....     sounds like a plan to me!

One of my favorite things...
a cup of green tea and  a  slice of    black walnut cake....   a wonderful cake my    SUnday School teacher's  wife made and  brought me....   now that  is a taste that  propels me with into  holiday  daydreaming....   a lovely pastime!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

  • recovering a little bit more each day
  • keeping up  with Beth Moore's   Inheritance  Study    thanks to  my dear Sista, Lynne,   for  helping me  not get behind
  •  writing    thank you notes  that hopefully  tell how  appreciative I am to everyone
  • returning  to the doctor's office  later in the week.

Here is picture I am sharing...
I may have been lying flat on my back  soon after I  returned home for the hospital,  but a most welcome sight was    our daughter smiling down a t me....   back to her home near Boston  now,  today is a red letter day for her.. she started her new job today  in  Cambridge  in  a  science lab....   can't wait to hear how it all  panned out....this  is  quite an adventure  fro her      not eh  work  but the  commute and  the details of working  rather  far from  home...   no problem she  has always been my  little adverturer....   just  all very exciting for her, Im sure.


  1. Schotzy, I am so glad you are coming along beautifully. Feeling better after all this time will be a greeted gift, I know.

    RUSH is on daily, sometimes twice a day, with Harold ... couldn't live without him.

    So glad you have had such a wonderful outpouring of friends seeing you thru this medical experience. Stay well, keep getting stronger & know that so many of us ar praying for you.

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~

  2. I hope you will be back on your feet again soon! Your daughter is lovely! :)

    Mrs Georgina

  3. Haha, I am wearing the same shirt to work today! Glad you're having a good start to the week-- love you very much!


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