Thursday, September 29, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Project Simple Pleasures2

I retired from teaching eight years  ago,,, man taht makes me  feel like Im older than dirt,   but at 61 , I am told  time and again,  it's only a number ! HEHEHEHE.  Anyway,  old or not,  I have  longed for the day that my  dear husband would join me in  retirement and finally, he  has,,  only to find me laid up  and infirm  this  first month....  but praise God for His perfect timing  that I  had Lynn here with me to  take  care of me....  but then yesterday,  such a lovely  autumn day... I felt good enough to do something  I had long  wished for...   to take our  breakfast on the veranda  on a weekday...lovely
a  very satisfying and sweetly simple pleasure!  
Well, I  attempted to link back to    the host blog I discovered that  last week  concluded this  sweet theme...  but you  wills till be blessed to 
visit this  lovely blog, A Collection of This and That by Dayle who  hosted this great theme each week. 


  1. aw so lovely! you & dad in your "golden years!" hahahahaha

    love you!

  2. 61 is still so young. My friend Marge is 86 and spry as can be!


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