Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

So glad to see that Peggy is starting The Simple Woman's Daybook yet again.... you can follow along with other daybooks here!
Outside my window...
The remnants of tropical storm Lee has provided us much needed rain... I have really enjoyed hearing it rain outside my window... something we have sadly missed much of lately.. the temps today are hovering around 60 which is also a nice respite for me...
I am thinking... how very fortunate I am in so many ways.... a wonderful husband and life partner, and precious daughter and son-in-law, my parents still with me.... a great church and wonderful church friends, fabulous online friends who bless me when I might be feeling a bit in need of fellowship.. but mainly, my heavenly Father and precious Son, Jesus Christ, are ever with me, providing for , loving, and working out the details of my life... life is good...
I am thankful...my husband... he is my soul mate, my helper, my friend and lover, my companion, and one I can rely on and he still looks fabulous even at our age!

In the kitchen...actually, we bought some fabulous kale today at the market and Lynn, my dear hubby, is preparing it for supper. I will be fixing some fresh corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes from the garden...

I am wearing...purple slacks and a lavender sweater

I am creating...nothing much at this time

I am going...to be finishing up my dermatological adventure tomorrow. In July I had more than I would like to say skin lesions burned off on the right side of my neck and throat... an unfortuante life burden Ive carried for many years I got from the heydays of lying out in the sun as a teen. Tomorrow I have the left side attended to... probably at least 40 lesion will be burned off , and I am nothing but happy to be rid of these nuisance spots...

I am wondering...if everyone gets to that magical age when it just seems that everything physical that can go wrong with a person does go wrong... I mean is there a law about that like Newton's or Murphy's law... next week I will be looking forward to my first ever open surgery.... to remove well, those parts that I just dont seem to need anymore but which are making a nuisance of my life and have been for about as long as i can remember.... need I say more...therefore, please dont give up on me next week.. for I will return to posting after my 3 day stay in hospital... and if you think of it, I appreciate a prayer or two on Tuesday around noon and thereafter for a few days as I begin a lengthy time of recovery....

I am reading...I am so delighted to have started the book Ireland, by Frank Delaney. What a lovely book... it just takes me right into the land or Eire!

I am hoping...to get everything done around the house this week so that next week I can enjoy my family and be ready to go to hospital with nothing hanging over my head about the house.... I've been working on clearing so much stuff... and doing a bit of organizing.. so it is looking pretty good now!

I am looking forward to...having all of this surgery and recovery behind me.... actually today is the first day of Lynn's retirement following the holiday yesterday, and facing this surgery right on the heels of this isnt quite what we were hoping for... but after I am recovered I am looking forward to some small day trips... just the two of us riding out into the mountains or up the valley on purposeful excursions like visiting the tea room and antiqueing in Botetourt, or visiting the Amish Cheese Shop and bakery, the Country Store and fabulous greenhouses up near Charlottesville... a lovely autumn drive to and from for sure that one....

I am hearing...Lynn coming in the door downstairs offering his cheery "yoohoo" ... he just had stepped out in the rain to do an errand for my mother.... now isnt that sweet....
Around the house...I have been clearing out closets and making strides in switching summer and winter clothing.. and reorganizing drawers.... a hateful job but one that does make life so much easier in the long run!!

I am pondering... since our dear daughter and Son in law who live so far away will be coming to us Sunday evening for supper and will be with us a day or so before I have to go to the hospital, I am pondering the very best way to make the most of our visit.... but, I am thankful that she will be with me during my surgery.. God is so good to go ahead of me in so many ways to sustain me and give me joy!
One of my favorite things...I am enjoying one at this moment. A sugar free Worther's Hard candy.... such a satisfying and yummy bit of happiness....
reminds me of hearth and home!
A few plans for the rest of the week:
  • dermatology procedure 
  • Wednesday night dinner at church and Bible Study on the book of James. 
  • our first Senior breakfast at church ... I usually attended these events alone... but no more... so lovely!!! 
  • pre-hospital admittance testing 
  • ladies' Bible Study... Beth Moore's, Inheritance 
  • Prayer Sista Coffee/ prayer talk/ and prayer time Saturday Morning 
Here is picture I am sharing...

Just looking so forward to going on down the road together!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you too! Love to hear about all of that downsizing!! :)

    See you in a few days!

  2. I’ve been enjoying cooler temps and rain from Lee also. A nice respite from a hot summer.

    Good luck with removing the rest of your lesions. I had a spot taken off this summer and am glad that I no longer have to watch it for turning. I spent way too many years trying to get dark as a teenager too. Now I’m paying for it.

    Praying for your upcoming surgery! Thanks for sharing your Daybook.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. Will think of you and offer up prayers that all will be completely well. I think you will be having the same surgery that I underwent in 88. Felt so much better afterwards. Interestingly my husband has just had a number of biopsies on skin legions this week. Interesting post.

  4. I have to say that I loved my tour of your home but nowhere to comment there. I have not seen anything like your home over here in England though. Interesting picture as I do not live far from Waltham Abbey. In fact was passing through there yesterday.

  5. and the trees in blossom in your garden are beautiful.


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