Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thirty Days of Gratitude ~Day 2

Ezra 3:11

With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: “He is good; his love endures forever.”

God is so good to us....  I  am  extremely thankful for my  dearest  husband who   is the perfect complement to  our home....  

And  now that we are both retired and  can share in the  activities   we love with one another, life is so sweet!
I suppose there is something to the adage though that opposites attract for  we are   definitely   cut from opposing cloth..     but   what I lack  he supplies   and vice versa..  God  set   the plan for  our lives in motion  before we  were   even conceived...  even  the    long  years  of our  early marriage when we  couldnt   agree on   having children and  it seemed that   life was passing us by,,, it wasnt until   our mid thirties   that   by God's grace we  adopted   our  one and only   wonderful daughter....  God knew   who he had   prepared for us and  when, in his timing   it would all come to pass..  our daughter   continually blesses  us every day....just knowing  how   perfectly  God is working in her   life and  in her family..
 photo Operation004.jpg
And even though this photo was taken 2 years ago,  before the   arrival of our   lil Birdie,   God is so good  that  I am still experiencing 4 generations now in our family.  Mom  and Dad  are still with us at ages  90 and 95, respectively . 
And of course,God's dearest  expression of love to our family is   the arrival our   lil Birdie...

God's love endures forever!


  1. that's a good picture of me, j, mj, and pop! and of course a sweet one of you and birdie :) :) i hadn't checked in on your blog for awhile. like your autumn theme! hope you're feeling better today! love you,

  2. that's a sweet pic of me, mj, pop, and j. and of course of you and birdie! :) :) hadn't checked in on your blog for awhile-- like your autumn theme! hope you're feeling better. we had a good day today :)

    love you,


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