Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Lazy Morning

What a wonderful morning.. nothing on the schedule....  an opportunity to sleep in.... til 7...  and  just  luxuriate  in the  pleasure of    just  breathing and  living  in I sat on the porch,  I reflected in prayer    the  ills of our nation
of which there are so many, and I  prayed for our government leaders to  turn to God's council...It was  God who ordained  their position,   who  allowed them the privilege  to serve and  it should be by God's  direction that they lead our nation to  be strong,  just, tranquil,  defended,  safe,  and secure. 
Praise God that  we can  trust  Him for all these things  when  the government goes awry!.
It was such a marvelous morning,     Lynn and I enjoyed  our  breakfast outside... Now that the  glider which  I truly  loved for over 50 years    has   gone, I now have space for  the  charming  tea server   I got at last week's  yard sale.... I look forward to its transformation soon...   however, I can  stand it    in the interim... it's benefits are so great..
  room to place  food,, and   this morning I had my  tablet on there  as we  enjoyed our  meal.

 I  love the view to my right.... the  Crepe Myrtle   in    full bloom....
I am  anxious  the next time I am out shopping to find  a new  outdoor tablecloth  to  show off my  new cushions  from  Plow and Hearth...  The only thing I can say about this cloth is it matches the    tea cart  for now! HAHAAHHAHA!

We decided on these cushions  when we purchased  our wonderful   bench   which is much more practical that  my beloved  glider   that took  a ride to Good Will yesterday .  I know someone today  is  anxiously  awaiting  creating a most cosy  spot  with  that   wonderful  vintage  item...
I waited for Lynn as long as I could, after all, a person wants to  eat  warm food....
so I  enjoyed    my   breakfast companion  nearby...

Soon  Lynn did join me  as I  revelled with my second cup of coffee and   we listened to 
Truth for Life, with Alistair Begg . 
Suddenly the spell was broken  as  morning recess  began across the street.. Summer  school is in session! 

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