Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ne'er the Twain Shall Meet

Last fall when we were in Newport,  we stayed in the most charming B&B...  and  I  fell in love with the decor..

I shared in  a recent post about how I was completely charmed by the    faux  stag head,  and the  use of  antler on the mantel....  I had been noticing    a popularity of  antler in table  settings  recently and  I  was  looking everywhere  for a way to  get my hands on some short of   asking  one of my hunter friends... but I understand  they value  antler as  great  trophies of  their  endeavors....HAHA.....Anyway,  I did find  the  faux  stag  and     put it on my Christmas wish list....
Well, sometimes,  Christmas   comes   in a little late,   and so did  a  nice  package   on my  doorstep!
My lovely   faux stag head....

I  absolutely  adore   this   lovely accent piece....   but  my next  dilemma  was  to  find a home for him...
my family seemed to think  it was  more  a den  piece,  so   upon reflection, it seemed perfect..

Since I sort of have a hunt theme going on in  there... I found this   lovely painting  at  an estate sale years ago, and  just loved the  it...  It was painted by a   the daughter of  a good friend  and    the daughter just didnt  want it... was  one of her early works.... Well, I     thought it was  charming...
 and now   decades later,  the object of the   hunt   resides  on  an opposite wall,,, 

But, ne'er  the twain shall meet... this stag is much too crafty to ever be    brought down!  For I dont think of    this representation as   a trophy of a kill,  but the  essence of a  glorious  life,  well lived....  a  beautiful wild  expression of God's creation!

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