Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Wonders of a Granddaughter

For Happy Pink Saturday  I  am sharing     the wonders of   getting to enjoy  our   wonderful granddaughter, Birdie!! 

Amanda   and family returned to us the next day following the funeral...  what a blessing to us!
Just in time to  help us     redo the christmas tree!
     But then,our Christmas decor  was   mostly forgotten....   just the barest amount of time was spent  relighting  all the   gee-gaws....  we just  revelled in our togetherness!.
Birdie  learned  a new and better  way  for using her new chair....

  what a big girl she is becoming!
Bless her lil pea-pickin' heart!
 Bless them both!!!!
Now,   what can I explore....
 I think I can.. I think I can....

 I did,  I did,     and I like it!!!!
Hm.....   I wonder what is over there??? 
  Then before     I knew it,   it was bathtime and  then   we were off to  Richmond
   to   see  our  girls fly away home!

So    I close the chapter    and   begin  anew!
 Welcome 2015!


  1. Thanks for sharing Birdie's explorations of your home and your world as she builds memories of her visit and makes it part of her world.

  2. love the pic of birdie in your new chair! can't wait to see the next 2 chairs and hear updates about all of your DE-CLUTTERING!!!!!!!!!! woohoo! proud of you!

  3. Oh Schotzy,
    Birdie is such a cutie patootie. A very Happy Pink Saturday to you.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  4. What a delightful post...just precious...but...not as precious as that little sweet grandgirl. Oh, she is a doll. Aren't we so so blessed to be grandmothers...and even more so for me cause I now have 3 GREAT-grands. Awesome, hu ?

  5. I'm now following you thru Google Friends Connect...hope you will visit and follow along with me. :)

  6. Carolyn, I am so excited to find you here today. Happy Pink Saturday and wishes for a very Happy New Year.

    And, I couldn't wait to click over to see your sweet girls. I can't believe how much your baby has grown. I know you must be kissing on those sweet cheeks every chance you get.♥


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