Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Joy and Grief

Our family  wishes you  the very   happiest new year...   I know I am late with this greeting, but  this Christmas, much like last  Christmas, has been fraught with  varying degrees of   joy  and grief.  Our   precious   children arrived  on the 18th  and we     spent the next day with my  dearest mother    who was  just barely able to join us   for  a celebration  of  family and yuletide cheer....  you can see in the  photo   her  humerus  which she had broken so severely    jsut a week before was   breaking through her frail  arm.  At  78 pounds she was  just barely with us.  But she was  thrilled to be with  the family, especially  with   Amanda and Birdie!
 Birdie  is one of the joys of   our lives.... so  precious in everyway...   delightfully   bright and happy all the time!
 She loved her new  phone..immediately her thumbs went to work   "texting' just as  she'd seen her mom and dad do so much!  She didnt quite seem to understnad  what the  big deal was with that,  but she loved the phone!

 Another joy is  our  beautiful and  amazing daughter, Amanda, without whom I would never have made it through the  Christmas season this year.
 Our Christmas day was   the 23rd  this year  and  Birdie's  delight in  packages and tissue paper  kept  smiles on all our faces.
 while Amanda and I   relished our annual  fire with its warm and  cheerful glow!
I  loved watching  sweetums    explore her   Christmas toys!
 Soon  the  kids left us to   Christmas with   Joshua's family...  and  we settled in to  just  enjoying the  after glow of  Christmas  2014... then  on  the  27th   we got the call  we had  been expecting   for some time...  Mom's vitals were  very low...   hurry  on over...  but she was gone when we  got there.
Thankfully,   the kids were still in town..God's timing is perfect....   His will  amazing..  His  mercy everlasting and  full of grace!

 Mother   passed away on December 27,  two days after Christmas... she  had  held on   for weeks  just to see  our family together  one last time.  Dad passed away last Christmas.. and now  after 70 years of marriage  they a re   reunited at last!
 My  dear cousin, Pam, released the dove at her   funeral....  Pam   is and was  so dear to mom  because she lived with us for some months  as a child  when her own mother  battled cancer,,,,  praise God   she is a survivor!
  We  were   very blessed that  our children were able to adjust their flight schedules  and remain with us   a few extra days....   I'll  tell more about   those days  in my next post.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. How wonderful it was though that she was able to see her family all together at Christmas. My condolences to you and your family and may the Lord grant you comfort.


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