Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

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dreary, icy and   cold January day!

Right now I am::: 
so pleasantly  excited because  I  saw accomplished every   thing  from the slightest detail to the  most dreaded  item on my todo list  for the last  week or so.... Committee work,  ( year-end close-out),   Lynn found my  cd I got  for Christmas  and  couldnt find for several days....  and we got the  storage unit put together and  arranged today!! It is a grand feeling to  not have these things, or anything  really, hanging over   your!

Thinking and pondering::: 
I  have been thinking for some time now that  it is  time to  start getting this house ready to sell... I love this home.... but  the stairs arent getting any  shorter and  the years keep slipping by...oh, there is so much to  throw out,  donate,  organize, and  revamp..

On my bedside table:::
Lynn Kurland's new  novel,  Roses in Moonlight.
I know the title sounds  like a steamy  romance,  but actually,   Kurland's books arent at all.  Historical,  time travel romance to  the British Isles....  That  is  just  a lovely  vacation from   reality.... and I havent read a novel in some time....

On my tv tonight:::

Listening to:::
 My  new Christmas CD...  love love love it....  so glad Lynn found it in  the  alarm clock cd player...
Hidden in My Heart, a Lullaby Journey through Scripture
(highly recommended)

On the menu for this week:::

I find I am not a menu planner

On my to do list:::
Bible Study 
now that  Christmas is all   put away and organized....  do a bit  of decorating
organize my  storage room  focusing mainly on the  seasonal   flowers  and  arranging   stuffs
    Plans for this week:::
Monday -  
Committee Work
phone calls and  correspondence
Planning meeting for the Sunday School class 



walk exercise


 Sam's Luncheon 
Bible Study 


Christians United to Prayer meeting


 Third Saturday prayer chapel
Soup/ salad/dessert  dinner   

My simple pleasure:::
perusing Zillow looking for  possible houses  in our price range....

Lessons learned:
Drink more water!!!!

Looking around the house:::
IN the last month  we have been revamping  Amanda's old room  to   create  Birdie's space....
I love the  cute  window treatments I made  they truly are  straight but the  ruffles make them look crooked....   I still do have  my little corner  where  I  do my computing and  business

but the rest of the room is Birdie's 
Today Lynn put the  organizer  from Ikea  together....yayayaya   

I have another one  for the floor  we'll master tomorrow!
The reality is though  I still do occupy  my inner sanctum  in my wee little corner....  when Birdie isnt here!

From the camera
Our  dear  girls....  Amanda and Birdie as  they prepared to   jet away home  from Christmas with us!

Prayer List:::
Our  home, family,    church,  and  nation

Bible verse, Devotional:::
 Deuteronomy 33:26
 One of my verses for 2015
"There is no one like the God of Israel. He rides across the heavens to help you, across the skies in majestic splendor.
 God bless


  1. Roses in Moonlight looks like a great book. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. oh YEAH! We took it over to PR to play for Mama Jean. I remember now-- wow, glad you found it-- good job, dad!
    love you,


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