Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The weather:::
I must join in with so many who are reveling in the  cooler autumn like days...right now it is 70 and remains so  until  much later in  the day!  You can see  tell-tale signs of  autumn everywhere..

Right now I am:::
I am  currently  multitasking...   frying up a  bit of sausage and boiling some eggs for our breakfast.  Thankfully,  Hubs  came in and he is  doing  the hard part.. actually  watching  the sausage.  hehehehehe,  oops, I need to turn the  meat!

On my reading pile:::
I am doing  James MacDonald's Bibles Study,  Think Differently, 
Also studying  1Peter...
My daughter got me into pod casts...  that I am really enjoying....
I love R.T. Kendall  retired  pastor of  Westminster Chapel of London...  and  great  author..  I so enjoyed his book Holy Fire...
I  am  an avid  listener now to  W C   podcast.. the  young pastor is so engaging  and  very  interesting....
Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
Hubs and I  are trying to  watch as much of Netflix  that we can to make it worth our while...  a friend told us about Shetland,  a detective  crime  story  set on Shetland Islands off the Scottish, love, love,  that,  but the brogue was so t hick,  we did have to  watch the subtitles...  which actually  were not that  obtrusive...  in fact, we still have them on  for everything!  heheheh  .. 3 seasons and  not  so many episodes..  we started late last week and watched the whole thing..  some of it is  pretty dark and I had  to  cover my eyes,.. but it is very well written...  and so many twists and turns....  very  good   program!!!

On my TV:::
more netflix: Escape to the Country, Great British  Baking Competition,   and I really enjoy  the  Biblical teaching  of Robert Morse on TBN  at 12:30

On the menu for this week:::
again I'm not into  that kind of planning...  we just  don't eat  like we used to...I can make a nice meal and we eat off of it for days..
 I like to make hearty breakfasts... our favorite meal, and  eat lite the rest of the day... maybe some cod  and a few  fried  potatoes, sliced chicke on a salad,   or  an odd sandwich!

On my to do list:::
Kitchen......Hubs  does the dish washing    and sweeping.. yayayaya
Laundry.....Clothes laundry is all done.   I need to change linens  and put  laundry away
Living on autumn decor  and  dust, Swiffer the floors
This week...
Work on my Bible study
  Breakfast out with my girlfriend
Dinner out  with friends    
Attend  a prophetic teaching  class
Cox Cable coming to  convert us  from Verizon....  we  need faster connection speed!!!

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I  bought the cutest   autumn garland at Plow and Hearth....  time to  redo the mantel

Looking around the house:::
Not only the mantel,  but time to  put the summer  blue pillows 
(etc.)away and  generally  think about  making each room a bit more seasonable...

From the camera:::
I  think it is time to bring out the  black  transfer ware  so I will use this  photo  for my  inspiration... hmm.. it may be time to  move  the parlor around a bit, as well

What I'm wearing today:::
my navy tank,  khaki shorts and red sweater....  ah, a sweater does feel so nice!!!!  I love sweater weather!!!

One of my simple pleasures:::
I love  journaling the wildlife that  comes into our yard...
this week I will be   writing about  

Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share:::
Image result for rabbits quotes 


  1. Love your table setting! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Thank you for the kind comment... hahaha, I am using the black transfer ware but the setting today looks entirely different I will be posting about it in a couple of hours... I feel good when I get into the transforming mood and get along well in the change of seasons inside the home!!!

  3. I love Escape to the Country - I wish they had more of the seasons on Netflix.

    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Pamela, thanks for visiting my blog.. btw you can see all of the episodes of Escape to the Country on youtube.. I watch them all.

  5. Your table setting looks very cozy. I am debating getting out our fall decor today but it feels so much like summer still that I'm struggling to find the motivation. Hope you had a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Jean, thanks for your kind remarks but my final table looks nothing like the inspiration table... I like the new one better... YOU'll have to check it out.. I'll share about it this week... Aw.. go ahead and start your fall decor...even though it is still hot here I am feeling the allure taht autumn brings here at home!!


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