Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Wings of Eagles is Three

So I started blogging 3 years ago on April 9, 2008.
  It was a rather timid blogger who set out on that early spring morn.. but I had a lot of ambition inside me to try my hand at this online adventure.
  SO I spread my wings and took flight.  It was a delightful ride...  from  learning how to operate the mechanics of it .. to actually posting  and thus actually have people... many people  stop by to read it...
as of today , I have had 28,518 visits  which boggles my mind.  What really pleases me is that so many of these visits are returning friends I have met along the way.. which really inspires me to try to at least have something of interest up each week anyway
  I used to be able to post daily.  As I have reviewed the past 3 years I am really agog at how prolific I was  that first year...  and as time has gone on I realize to be able to write something a bit fresh daily is an awesome undertaking and I do visit so many bloggers who can accomplish that feat...  so I persevere.
But the joy and the thrill of what has transpired with blogging makes everything so worthwhile.  I do try to praise the Lord through my writing,, filtering everything I say through Christ's lens,  for if only this.. that my blog might point any  one to God it has been worth it all...

And I have written many times previously  how blogging has opened the door to the world to me...    friends from all across the US and Canada, Europe, especially the Uk, England and Scotland, as well as the far east in the Philippines and Thailand  visit and I so enjoy visiting with them and getting to know them personally.  If anyone is considering blogging I wholeheartedly say go for it...  Blogger makes it so easy.. if I can do it ,... believe me ... anyone can..On my last day of teaching elementary school in 2003, my  class told me Mrs. C., you must continue writing... and after several attempts in several venues nothing has fulfilled my desire to write like this endeavor and I hope to continue for a long while  Thanks to all who visit and
God bless you richly!!!

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