Monday, April 11, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


The day started out foggy and damp , but has dried out and the sun is singing the delights of spring!

I am marvelous is the activity of God in our lives... how He sends His Holy Spirit to prompt other believers  to administer His truth, His deeper hidden  ways,, that manifest His presence in our He orchestrates even the most basic things we do to bring forth His kingdom...  and therefore  I am learning to be so much more attentive that I do not miss Him in the process of just living...  I had written this a couple of weeks ago and ams till on this train of thought as I am considering God's hand in all of my ventures,  It is imperative that I do not overlook an open door or golden opportunity  to share about Him

I am thankful for...  my life,  my family, my church,  my spiritual family,  our home, and most of all my slavation and Christ in me

From the kitchen.. tonight  we  will be enjoying crab cakes,  cole slaw,  lobster bisque

I am slacks and loden green silk blouse.. one of my favorite color combinations

I am creating...  a menu for mom's 88th birthday on Wednesday

I am reading...  Ministries of Mercy by Timothy J. Keller The Peace Maker by Ken Sande .   The Peace Maker   is for our Sunday night Pastor's study. The Mercy book is actually to help mold my heart   to be merciful through church ministry...

I am see the benefits of several ongoing projects I have cooking in my praying toward that end!

Around the house.... getting a general pick up for Wednesday when the Ageless Bible Study group comes here for study and to celebrate mom's birthday.  I want it to be a special day for her.

One of my favorite things....planning.... I am still in the planning stage for this party...  better get it all together by this evening so tomorrow I can implement it.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday - I met Dottie   for breakfast this morning... it is always so wonderful to just have some down time together  to share what's going on in our lives..  Bible Study,   house hold chores, , nice dinner

Tuesday-  allergy shot,    marketing,   prepare for the party

Wednesday- Morning Study / party brunch for mom's birthday
Wednesday evening dinner at church
meeting with Dottie at Lisa's house

Thursday- small group Bible Study in the evening

Friday-  work  at church to prepare for the 50's Night Party on Saturday night

Saturday- Prayer chapel
 50's Night party

A glimpse into my life
I am reveling in this season... a season for new beginnings in so many ways...  I am looking to really learn how to incorporate better patterns in my day...  establishing patterns that will lead into healthful habits....time to get on track and  reap some rewards!

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  1. Like what kind of patterns? Do tell! Love you and hope you have a lovely brunch/study on Wednesday.



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