Friday, April 15, 2011

Simple Pleasure

Project Simple Pleasures2

Visit this  lovely blog, A Collection of This and That by Dayle who  hosts this great theme each week. 

I really enjoy looking for the simple pleasures each day brings me
  this week  on Wednesday  I had the great pleasure of hosting my mom's 88th birthday.  Our Bible Study group shared in this auspicious day and my mom was totally delighted..
PhotobucketOur group  spends a goodly portion of our study time in praise and prayer... which set the perfect attitude for our celebration .  MOm  was so happy to be a part of the group for this day,,, something she hadn't been able to do for some time...
  I enjoyed getting our repast for our fellowship time set out  ...
  and making sure the sunroom was ready to receive us as we shared about our study,  our lives, and our friendship..
  it was truly a sublime day... I only wish you could  see the view out these windows ... how God's creation inspired us and  completed the day with joy!  But to be fair this day took a lot of work so I cant say it was all that simple...BUT...
 On Thursday, my husband came home fro lunch and we were able to enjoy the spoils of the day this was truly a pleasure....  dining in a clean room,,

 on  delectable leftovers,
with my sweetie,,,,,  and the view!
Now this is a true simple pleasure!

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  1. I love our neighborhood in the springtime! Glad you and Dad are taking time to enjoy it together. Hope you have a good weekend!



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