Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook



I am off to a slow start this week...  Monday was a rather hectic day and just couldnt get my post up in time... so I am posting today and the day is really a carbon copy weather day.... sure to be absolutely gorgeous, mild, clear, and breezy!  As I look outside my studio window is is what I see!
I am thinking...about this being Holy Week....  a time to take special notice of Jesus, his sacrifice, His love and mercy, His redemptive power and His authority that he left with us upon His ascension.  I am thinking of how far short His church has fallen in this generation  the complacency  of the past 60 years  in allowing the enemy to encroach upon and devour our society,, our children,  our moral decay, and our economy.  As we approach Resurrection Sunday I pray that  Christians everywhere will attend to private devotions that will resonant a spirit of   personal as well as corporate revival across our land.   A revival that will inspire a multitude of prayer warriors who will intercede for our country our families, our communities and the world...

I am thankful for...  my life,  my family, my church,  my spiritual family,  our home, and most of all my salvation and Christ in me

From the kitchen.. tonight  we  will be enjoying crab cakes,  cole slaw,  lobster bisque

I am wearing..pink and white checked   bermudas  and white tee

I am creating...  well actually putting the house back to order... we had water in the sunroom following the torrential rain of Saturday  and the furniture and decor is all amuck.  Time to put it back together!

I am reading...  Ministries of Mercy by Timothy J. Keller  This book is actually to help mold my heart   to be merciful through church ministry... Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo. I highly recommend this book.  It is such a joy to rad and offers so much hope about God's kingdom! Im thinking of starting a novel  that my friend  got for me at the library book sale...   Robin Pilchur's  A Risk Worth Taking!   Looks really great!

I am hoping....to be able to get through today with flying colors.   Today I take my parents to the doctor for their checkups
  This entails taking mom in her new wheel chair which is extremely heavy to lift in and out of the car for me
   Im trying to work through it  and dad will have his seated walker which  in itself takes up the whole back of the Pathfinder.  This is our first time to take them both out together  since we got the chair.... I am so thankful to have both of my parents  but it is times like these that can  be challenging.

Around the house.... Lynn and I have been thinking abut a project for our downstairs bathroom,  enlarging it and modernizing the shower.... just the very first stages of thinking about it though

One of my favorite things....planning....   I am always looking forward to something to plan... This bathroom remodel will be an awesome undertaking for us ...  and it really needs to be gotten underway....

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday - I met  and taught   Bible Study,   made sandwiches to take to the Blood Drive,  took Lynn to the doctor,, ate out at Anthony's  , nice dinner, spoke to our dear daughter on the phone

Tuesday-   devotions allergy shot,   marketing, parents to the doctor

Wednesday- day off to enjoy!  WOW   devotions  and prayer time  plan  a passover time for our family

Thursday- Take Lynn for some tests  Choir practice and luncheon  contemplate Passover

Friday-  devotions and prayer   Good Friday Service at church

Saturday-  Devotion and prayer at Lynne's

A glimpse into my life

It will be lovely  getting the back room back in order.   The historic storm that passed through the south over the weekend left its mark on us.. We got water under the door.. the outside drains just could not handle the torrential flood of water..  Everything had to be cleaned and sanitized and dried out. But we are thankful  that we only got about an inch of nuisance water under our door.   Some people we know got much much worse!
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  1. I definitely miss the sunroom most of all the rooms in the house! I know you'll be glad when it's all put back together just right. Enjoy celebrating Holy Week!

    Love you,


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